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Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office is an impressive office suite providing a lot of valuable tools for handling documents. The 2019 version has more useful features, including a better user interface and a refined overall performance. At the same time, it retains all the features that made Word so popular in previous versions.

Microsoft did their homework. From feature requests to bug reports, they took into consideration everything users had to say about MS Office. With Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download, you can create various spreadsheets and documents to impress colleagues and bosses alike. Word, Excel, and PPT can be translated to 102 languages and are often used as an online cloud service, which provides offline software with more purchase options and incentives.

Microsoft Office 2019 Free Download

List of all Office Suite Apps

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • OneNote
  • Microsoft Teams

Features of MS Office:

1. More Interactive

Microsoft Office 2019 added some great features, like enhanced troubleshooting and live customer support. It is a lightweight, powerful application that comes with a simple and instinctive ribbon-based user interface.

MS Office 2019 makes working together even more effortless. Now you can co-author and view changes in real-time and even translate documents on the go. Under the Microsoft Translator option, entire documents can now be translated into more than 60 languages.

2. Graphics for Documents

MS Office 2019 Free Download
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Microsoft Office 2019 comes with new options for inserting graphics or visuals into documents. This can make it easy to insert and manipulate 3-D objects, pictures, videos, charts, or shapes into your document and even voice notes! Furthermore, graphics can now be SVG files so that a user can resize or rotate the graphic without losing any quality. It has increased the capability to display graphics through PowerPoint and Word.

PowerPoint Morph, another feature, allows you to create seamless transitions between identical slides — and it works instantly with just a few clicks. Also, the new Power Pivot feature in Excel will enable you to create high-resolution images of data model diagrams.

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3. Advanced Excel Features

Microsoft Office 2019
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Microsoft Excel 2019 has gotten several new features such as Pivot Table options and 2D mapping. Additionally, Charts have been improved for your convenience. Now you can compare values in your data based on geographical regions. Another added feature is the funnel chart – which helps sort sales pipelines by stage or funnel different stages within the sales process.

Microsoft has updated the Microsoft Office Suite 2019 and revamped the way links are handled. Now, you can create and attach links to cloud-based files or websites with just a click.

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Minimum System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2019

The following are the system specifications for Microsoft Office 2019:

  • Intel Core i3 Processor or above
  • MS Windows Operating System
  • 4 GB Free Hard Disk Space
  • 4GB RAM or above

If you’ve already uninstalled the version of Office that’s currently installed, then you can install the new version normally.

Microsoft Office 2021 Free Download Full Version

MS Office 2019 Free Download

  • Click on Download MS Office 2019.
  • Now you have Office 2019 archive files, so you need to extract them.
  • After downloading, double-click the installer file to install 7-Zip.
  • Then you click the Office 2019 link that you download and use 7-Zip to extract the Office 2019 file.
  • After you extract the Office 2019 installer, you open the folder where the installer is stored, and then click “setup.exe.”
  • Click on ‘Install Now’ and wait for a moment. Then, by clicking the close button at the top right corner of the window, you will be able to skip entering a product key. After the installation is finished, you can use Microsoft Office 2019 at full speed.

Microsoft Office is a powerful strategy to boost your productivity. Your business runs on the Microsoft Office Suite. It’s simply not an option to run with a pirated version of Office. To get the most out of Microsoft Office, you’ll want to make sure that you buy the genuine software. By purchasing authentic software, you can be sure that you will get better support as well.