Money Heist Character Names: Money Heist Cast (2024)

In the Spanish criminal drama series Money Heist, a professor hires a gang of eight heist specialists using city names as their aliases to steal the Royal Mint of Spain and make off with €984 million. The story is set in Madrid. Alex Pina developed the sitcom, which aired in Spain on Antena 3 for three full seasons. Fans are going wild waiting to find out the identities of all the characters in Money Heist. So, what are their names in Money Heist?

Money Heist Character Names

Money Heist Characters

The protagonists of The Money Heistcome from a wide variety of literary traditions. Money Heist’s universe is rich with symbolism and allusions to many different cultures. The narrative centres on two large heists orchestrated by Professor (lvaro Morte). Both the Bank of Spain and the Royal Mint of Spain are targets of robberies. Sergio Marquina, Silene Oliveira, Raquel Murillo, Andrés de Fonollosa, Agustn Ramos, gata Jiménez, and many more are some of the names of the main characters in Money Heist.

The Professor (Sergio Marquina) is the film’s protagonist. Alvaro Morte portrays him on screen. He organised the robbery’s henchmen and is therefore considered the heist’s architect.

The Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain heist are masterminded and executed by the Professor and his crew. He has an air of geeky sophistication. The first theft was planned as an act of revenge against his abusive father. His granddad was an anti-fascist fighter in Italy. The Professor planned and directed both robberies from a safe location outside the Royal Mint.

Money Heist Professor

In “Money Heist,” Who Plays The Lead Role?

Money Heist Character NamesActor/Actress Name
Silene Oliveira (Tokyo)Úrsula Corberó
Sergio Marquina (Professor)Álvaro Morte
Raquel Murillo (Lisbon, Mrs. Professor)Itziar Ituño
Andrés de Fonollosa (Berlin)Pedro Alonso
Agustín Ramos (Moscow)Paco Tous
Ágata Jiménez (Nairobi)Alba Flores
Aníbal Cortés (Rio)Miguel Herrán
Ricardo / Daniel (Denver)Jaime Lorente
Mónica Gaztambide (Stockholm)Esther Acebo
Arturo Román (Hostage)Enrique Arce
Alison Parker (Hostage)María Pedraza
Mirko Dragic (Helsinki)Darko Perić

1. Silene Oliveira a.k.a Tokyo

Money Heist Tokyo

Tokyo (rsula Corberó), a chronic risk taker who lost her soulmate when he was killed in a shootout during a heist of an armoured vehicle, is a thrill junkie who would do everything for a good story. Toyko’s journey ends no less tragically, though, as she is killed off in a startling scene in episode 5 of Money Heist season 5 in which she sacrifices herself to rescue Denver and Manila.

Tokyo’s mother took part in a sting operation in the hopes that her daughter would be safely turned in by the police, but nothing more about her early life is known. The Professor stepped in and warned Tokyo that the police were planning to kill her on sight. Sadly, Tokyo’s mum passed away as they were making plans to rob the Royal Mint.

2. Andrés de Fonollosa a.k.a. Berlin

Money Heist Berlin

A smooth jewel thief, Pedro Alonso’s character is revealed to be the Professor’s elder brother in the second episode of season one of Money Heist, which takes place before Berlin’s death. Helmer’s myopathy affects him the same way it did their mother. He takes medication to reduce the discomfort and tremors, but he has just three years to live due to his illness. Berlin refuses to give up and wallow in self-pity, opting instead to pursue excitement and wealth as if he had nothing to lose. Tatiana (Diana Gómez), a professional thief, is his fifth and last wife.

3. Ágata Jiménez a.k.a. Nairobi

Money Heist Nairobi

Nairobi’s death in season 4 of Money Heist is nearly as shocking as Tokyo’s. The narrative of Nairobi (Alba Flores), a former drug dealer and excellent forger who lost custody of her son Axel when he was three, centres on this event. Axel went out onto the balcony to find Nairobi after she had left him alone for a few minutes while she retrieved some medication. When the police were summoned, Nairobi’s cache was found, and she was subsequently incarcerated, while Axel entered the foster care system.

Season 1 of Money Heist reveals that Nairobi’s original objective was to become wealthy so that she could return Axel to his family. However, she eventually realises that Axel is happier with his new family and instead sets her sights on having children again. Nairobi’s second opportunity ends tragically as she is shot in the head during the fourth season of Money Heist.

4. Aníbal Cortés a.k.a. Rio

Money Heist Rio

Rio and Tokyo’s romance is a highlight of Money Heist. Rio (Miguel Herrán), the team’s youngest member, was a teenager at the time of the Royal Mint theft. He’s a talented hacker who got his start in crime by launching cyber assaults, and the Professor has hired him because of this. Rio hails from a kind home, but his parents mistook his time alone with video games for nothing more sinister.

Rio falls for Tokyo soon after joining the group and the two start dating despite breaking the Professor’s first rule. Rio and Tokyo’s love story continues across all five seasons of Money Heist, culminating in a heartbreaking farewell before Tokyo’s untimely death. Only Rio and a select few others from the initial crew were able to see the Bank of Spain theft through to its triumphant conclusion.

5. Agustín Ramos a.k.a. Moscow

Money Heist Moscow

Moscow was crucial to the success of the first Money Heist, which took place at the Royal Mint of Spain. Moscow (Paco Tous) was a career criminal who spent many years behind bars. The Professor recognises his expertise in this area and puts him in charge of excavating the tunnel under the Royal Mint. After Denver misplaced a valuable batch of pills and was in danger of being maimed or worse by his drug dealers, Moscow got both of them engaged in the theft to protect his son.

Moscow takes Denver’s mum to the place where she normally obtained heroin and abandons her after several failed efforts to wean her off narcotics by sending her to treatment centres, as shown in Season 2 of Money Heist. An previous character from Money Heist is killed in Moscow when he is shot outside the Royal Mint in Episode 2 of Season 1.

6. Daniel Ramos a.k.a. Denver

Money Heist Denver

Denver (Jaime Lorente) is the most likeable character in Money Heist, while having the film’s most grating chuckle. Born to a heroin addict mother and a thug for a father, he had a difficult upbringing. Denver spent much of his youth fighting everyone who crossed him, and when he became an adult, he followed in his parents’ criminal footsteps. Before he got in over his head by losing the stockpile of pills, he had been jailed many times for fighting and drug offences. Denver was included in the Royal Mint theft at Moscow’s request, despite the Professor’s usual policy of not including anybody with whom one has an emotional bond.

7. Mirko Dragic a.k.a. Helsinki

Money Heist Helsinki

Helsinki makes it through the conclusion of Money Heist Season 5 Part 2. Helsinki (Darko Peri) is commonly referred to with endearing terms like “teddy bear,” yet he has a murky past that is seldom spoken. He is a Serbian native who served as a Yugoslav army soldier and has been labelled a war criminal. After serving in the military, Helsinki and his family joined the criminal underworld, where they were recruited by the Professor for their fighting prowess. Helsinki is homosexual and had a connection with Palermo before the Bank of Spain robbery, but his friendship with Nairobi is his closest relationship.

8. Radko Dragic a.k.a. Oslo

Money Heist Oslo

Oslo (Roberto Garcia Ruiz), Helsinki’s cousin, was also a World War II veteran and was born in Belgrade, Serbia. After that, the two of them, along with numerous other relatives and accomplices, resumed their criminal careers together. Oslo plays a significant role in the first few chapters of Money Heist. Since Oslo’s Spanish skills seem to be inadequate, Helsinki often has to speak for both of them despite their strong relationship. The death of Oslo marks the first crew member to perish at the conclusion of an episode of Money Heist.

9. Mónica Gaztambide a.k.a. Stockholm

Money Heist Stockholm

Stockholm (Esther Acebo) was the secretary and secret girlfriend of the director of the Royal Mint, Arturo Román (Enrique Arce), and got pregnant by him. She was given the name Stockholm because several characters theorised that she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. She was arrested trying to sneak a phone for Arturo during the first theft in Money theft.

Despite Berlin’s orders, Denver was unable to murder her and settled for shooting her in the leg to make it seem as if she had been slain. Stockholm finally joined in on the theft of the Royal Mint and fled with La Casa de Papel and the rest of the gang.

10. Raquel Murillo a.k.a. Lisbon

Money Heist Lisbon

Raquel Murillo explains how she met and started dating Lisbon’s sister after escaping a violent marriage to her husband, Alberto, a prominent forensic expert with the police. When she went to the police about the abuse, no one believed her and she ended up with a restraining order. Then she moved in with her mother Mariv (Kiti Mánver) and her little daughter Paula (Naia Guz). Lisbon (Itziar Ituo), like Stockholm, didn’t begin on the “wrong” side of the law.

She was the inspector in charge of talks during the Royal Mint robbery, but she afterwards fell in love with the Professor and began a new life with him, becoming his outside collaborator for the Bank of Spain heist in Season 4 of Money robbery. Season 5 of Money Heist finds her and the Professor still together.

Other Members of the Gang

Julia a.k.a Manila (Belén Cuesta) – Manila, the daughter of an old prison chum of Moscow’s, acts as a hostage during the Bank of Spain robbery. She and Denver have a history of committing crimes together, so her reappearance and the news that she has transitioned come as a shock to both Moscow and Denver.

Benjamín (Ramón Agirre) – Expert miner and father to Manila, he collaborated with Moscow and both ended up in jail. On the outside, Benjamn helps the Professor pull off the Paris plot for robbing the Bank of Spain.

Sofía – The Marseille household ferret. In the third part of Money Heist, she plays a pivotal role in diverting the police’s attention from the criminals.

The primary goal of the show is to challenge the current administration and advocate for one’s rights. The plot is on a group of extraordinary criminals commanded by the mastermind known only as “The Professor” who plan to pull off two impossible heists in Spain. The combination of the Professor’s brilliant ideas and the team’s skillful execution makes this web series one of the most popular of all time.