Netflix’s One Piece: Renewed for Season 2, Release Date, Cast

With the first season quickly becoming one of Netflix’s most watched series, the news of One Piece Season 2’s announcement is not shocking. One Piece Season 1 topped Netflix’s streaming statistics for two weeks after its launch, surpassing even the record-holding Stranger Things. The original mangaka Eiichirô Oda, together with series creators Matt Owens and Steven Maeda, disproved the long-standing prejudice against live-action anime adaptations. They transformed content that was previously deemed totally unadaptable into a 2023 smash hit.

Without a doubt, the ambitious Monkey D. Luffy (Iñaki Godoy) and his Straw Hat crew enchanted all Netflix subscribers, regardless of their prior fandom of the One-Piece property. Having defeated the notorious fishman pirate Arlong (McKinley Belcher III) and taken control of the East Blue, this naughty gang of outcasts is now preparing to face the difficult Grand Line in their quest to find the elusive One Piece treasure. Here is everything the information we have for One Piece Season 2 so far, including the cast, narrative, announcement, and more.

A teenage pirate leader leads his crew on a dangerous quest to find the legendary treasure called “One Piece” and become the Pirate King in a world where pirates roam freely.

One Piece Season 2

One Piece Season 2: When Will It Be Released?

At this point, there is both good and negative news about the progress of One Piece Season 2. One Piece’s creators have said that Season 2 is fully scripted, meaning a lot of time may be saved during pre-production. Unfortunately, despite the unprecedented WGA and SAG-AFTRA simultaneous strike, the AMPTP is still hesitant to pay its performers their full amount. As a result, the development and shooting of Season 2 will have to wait until the SAG-AFTRA strike is over. The writers have started working on Season 2 now that the WGA and AMPTP have accepted their accord.

‘One Piece’ Season 2: Where Can I Find It?

Season 1 of One Piece was so popular that it’s little surprise the beloved anime will remain on Netflix. Season 1 served as a atonement for Netflix, given the mixed reception their previous anime and manga translations had received. The Death Note movie and the Cowboy Bebop anime failed miserably, with neither series surviving beyond their first season. Fans may be sure that One-Piece will continue to provide high-quality content if Season 2 meets the expectations set by Season 1.

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Has Anyone Seen the Season 2 Trailer for “One Piece”?

Although a full trailer for One Piece Season 2 has yet to be released, Netflix has shared the video above to alleviate any concerns that Luffy and the gang won’t return. Creator Eiichirô Oda of One Piece sent the video message up top by snail mail. At the outset, Oda-Sensei expresses his gratitude to viewers all around the world who have contributed to the phenomenal success of the live-action One Piece series. As an additional gesture of gratitude, Eiichirô Oda has announced the news that everyone eagerly awaits: Luffy, played by Iñaki Godoy, and the rest of the Straw Hat gang will be back for Season 2. Not content to stop there, the mastermind behind One Piece has hinted that Season 2 will mark the live-action debut of a particular reindeer doctor.

One Piece Season 2 Cast Announced

Season 2 will include the return of several beloved Straw Hat characters. Iñaki Godoy’s portrayal of Monkey D. Luffy is the obvious starting point. The star of La Querida del Centauro did a fantastic job in season one of bringing the tenacious optimism of the stretchy-wannabe pirate to life. His cast for the Straw Hat crew is sure to include Emily Rudd as the courageous navigator Nami, Mackenyu as the first mate swordsman Zoro, Jacob Romero as the astute marksman Usopp, and Taz Skylar as the charismatic chef Sanji.

One Piece Season 2 Cast

Season 1’s Marines are poised to make a triumphant comeback, with Vincent Regan (300), Morgan Davies (Evil Dead Rise), and Aidan Scott (The Kissing Booth 2) reprising their roles as Luffy’s Vice Admiral grandpa Garp, the enthusiastic recruit Koby, and the repentant spoilt brat Helmeppo, respectively. Ilia Isorelýs Paulino (The Sex Lives of College Girls) and Jeff Ward (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) will reprise their roles as Captain Alvida and Buggy the Clown, respectively, from Season 1.

And that’s just the returning cast members! Season 2 is likely to include two new faces. The first is the merciless Marine Captain Smoker, hinted to in the first season’s pre-credits sequence. The second potential addition to the live-action One Piece world is the one hinted at in the introduction video by Eiichirô Oda, which involves Dr. Tony Tony Chopper. Academy Award–winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who describes herself as a “One Piece super fan,” has indicated an interest in playing the role of Chopper’s mentor of Dr. Kureha since before Season 1 of the live-action series. The villainous pirate warlord Crocodile, his wicked crew from Baroque Works, Nico Robin, their second-in-command, and Princess Vivi are all possible appearances.

About Netflix’s One Piece Season 2!

The Alabasta Saga will be adapted for One Piece Season 2 if the second season maintains the authenticity of the first. The Straw Hat crew makes its last stock preparations at the East Blue port of Lougetown in the manga and anime. Interestingly, this is also where pirate lord Gold D. Roger (Michael Dorman) was slain. They encounter Captain Smoker as they’re getting ready, and he promises to follow the bothersome pirates into the Grand Line.

The crew’s mission to find the One Piece treasure detours when they encounter Vivi, a princess banished from Arabasta after they reach the Grand Line. The Arabasta people have been led astray by the pirate warlord Crocodile, who has corrupted the kingdom and presented himself as their long-awaited savior. Unbeknownst to them, Crocodile is the dark horse behind the scenes of the criminal organization Baroque Works. Zoro came dangerously close to being recruited by that same group in the first episode of Season 1, if the name seems familiar after learning of Crocodile’s evil intentions for the kingdom, Luffy and the Straw Hats team up with their newfound companion, Vivi, to foil Baroque Works’ plot.

In the midst of all that, Luffy, being Luffy, hires Chopper, a shape-shifting reindeer and excellent medic, to be the sixth formal member of the Straw Hats.

Netflix One Piece Season 2 Release Date

Has Netflix Added the Arabasta Saga to the ‘One Piece’ Anime Film?

Would you want to begin the Arabasta narrative of One-Piece before the live-action series’ second season? Netflix contains the original One Piece series up to the Thriller Bark arc, so you can catch up even if the live-action program is a little behind. You may begin with the Loguetown storyline in Episode 45 and end with the Arabasta tale in Episode 130 if you want to start from where the live-action program left off. You may safely disregard episodes 54–61 since they serve as filler and are unrelated to the main storyline.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Has the confirmation of One Piece Season 2 been made?

Above, we announced that Netflix has officially renewed One Piece for a second season.

When will Season 2 of One Piece: Live-Action be released?

The man of the original One Piece manga confirmed the production of season 2 after thanking the show’s audience for tuning in and praising the live-action version.

Exactly who is Luffy’s father?

Dragon, alias Dragon the Revolutionary, is a supporting character from the One Piece series who is sometimes called The World’s Worst Criminal. He was born to Monkey D. Luffy and the late Marine Vice Admiral Monkey D., and he is Luffy’s father.

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