PayMobilityBill Login @ Texas 2024

PayMobilityBill 2024 – Paying the road toll tax is mandatory for every vehicle owner to use the toll facilities in the city of Texas, whether he owns a car or drives a hired car. The road toll tax in Texas refers to the Central Texas RMA Toll Payment. According to the rules of Texas RMA Tolls, you may make a Toll Fee payment via diverse modes. These include cash tolling, videos, and toll tags. The Toll Payment Fee depends on the mode or method you choose for paying the toll tax.

If you want to make an online payment, you may use the latest website launched recently by the Central Texas RMA for online Toll Payment. In this blog post, you will know different steps to download Paymobilitybill, register to the website, and other operations to make online Toll Fee Tax in Texas without any hassle.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority accumulates and maintains the toll tax payment in Texas to improve the city’s mobility system. You are available with multiple options for the toll payment of Central Texas. These include phone payment, online payment, in-person payment, and mail payment. However, online payment is the easiest method available of the payment options. Therefore, if you want to make an online payment, make sure to learn everything to use the website of


Account Registration Steps with PayMobilityBill Website

Car drivers who want to register or create their accounts with the website of PayMobilityBill must follow the mentioned process:

  • Go to the official website of and look for the Sign in option and click it.
  • You will get a new page on your device’s screen.
  • Look for the option Create an Account and click on it.
  • Select the type of customer and enter a few details, like name, title, address, gender, identification, primary contact details, and login details.
  • Click on Next to follow the steps associated with the verification process on your screen.
  • Now, you will create your account with Central Texas Mobility Authority successfully.

Steps to Complete the PayMobilityBill Login Process

  • To start, check the official website of and land on its homepage.
  • Look for the Sign in option and click it to get a new page on your computer screen.
  • You will get a Login form, where you should enter your email id and username.
  • Enter your password to log in to your account.
  • Click on Sign in to redirect yourself to the user dashboard of Pay Mobility Bill.

Steps to Make Online Payment via PayMobilityBill

  • Car drivers or owners who want to make their RMA toll payment via online mode must open the official website of Paymobilitybill.
  • Once you visit the homepage of the website you should click on Pay your online toll and select either License or Invoice plate.
  • If you want to make payment with the invoice, you should enter your invoice number. Otherwise, enter your license plate number.
  • Once you enter everything, click Submit.
  • Now, you should follow the available options on your device screen to complete your payment process.

Forgetting Username on PayMobilityBill Account

If you forget the username on your PayMobilityBill Account, you should follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website of and its homepage.
  • Search for the option Sign in and click it to get a new page on your computer screen.
  • Search for the option Forget Password and click on it.
  • Click Forget Username present on the login form if you are willing to reset your user ID.
  • Enter your primary phone number, account number, and email address.
  • Click Submit to recover your login details.

Reset Your Password while Using Your PayMobilityBill Account

If you want to reset your password while using your PayMobilityBill account, you should follow the mentioned process:

  • Check the official website of and land on its homepage.
  • Look for the Sign in option and click on it to open a new page on your device.
  • Check the option Forget Password and click on it.
  • Enter the username and click on Submit.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered email id or mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP on your computer screen and click on Submit.
  • Enter your new password and click on Confirm.
  • Click on Submit to change your account password successfully.

Online RMA Toll Bill Payment

PayMobilityBill website has also introduced a new online mode associated with RMA Toll Bill Payment via electronic tags. The main benefit of showing Electronic Tags is that it allows car drivers/owners to pay the toll by using their email addresses. The steps include the following:

  • Visit the official website of PayMobilityBill and go to its homepage.
  • On the center of the homepage, you get an option for Electronic Tag to save some amount on your toll payment.
  • Later, you should scroll the page, and enter your invoice number, license plate number, starting date, and ending date.
  • Click Submit after you enter everything and make payment by using any of the available electronic tags.

Note: will let you make payments via TollTag, EZTag, PikePass, BancPass, K-Tag, and TxTag electronic tags.