PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer – Collect Cards & Get ₹10000 Free PayTM

Paytm 2021 Wishlist Offer

Wishlist Offer 2021 – Collect Tickets & Get Upto Rs.10000 PayTM Cash

PayTM Wishlist Offer, How to Play PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer – PayTM has recently come up with its new PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer, which is almost similar to PayTM Diwali Tambola Offer. According to the offer, you get a chance to win a maximum of Rs 10,000 as PayTM Cash. You have to complete different tasks to get each of the cards. Here, the tasks indicate the completion of different transactions on PayTM.

Paytm 2021 Wishlist Offer

What is PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer?

According to PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer, you have to collect Stickers and you get rewards in the form of stickers to complete your tasks. You may have a look on the respective offer in the section of PayTM Cashback. You will find different parts, like Step Out, Take Vacation, Eat Road Side, Stay Fit and Back to Regular Section. Each of the sections has 4 different stickers and you may collect all of them.

You will avail of the Rewards in the form of Free PayTM Cash. You may even get free jogging sticker while signing up or joining PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer. You may even collect other stickers or may request the same from your friends to earn plenty of rewards from the Live Offer as well.

PayTM 2021 Wishlist Rewards

PayTM 2021 Wishlist offer will give PayTM users plenty of rewards, which include –

Take Vacation – You may collect each of the Take Vacation cards to win a maximum of Rs 1000.

Stay Fit – You may collect each of the Stay Fit cards to win Rs.1000 as maximum amount.

Eat Road Side – You may win Zomato Offer by collecting each of the Eat Road Side cards.

Step Out – You should collect Step Out cards available from the Wishlist to win the offer of Zoom car.

2021 Bonanza – According to 2021 Bonanza offer, you have to collect each of the Wishlist cards to win a maximum of Rs 6000.

Mid Way Delights – PayTM users have to collect total 10 Wishlist Cards to become the winner of cash prize to a maximum of Rs. 1000.

Back to Normal – Users must collect each Back to Normal card to win a maximum of Rs 1000.

How to Make PayTM 2021 Wishlist Stickers to Win Rewards

SectionSticker 1Sticker 2Sticker 3Sticker 4
Take VacationLas VegasParisSydneySwitzerland
Stay FitJoggingSwimmingGymCycling
Step OutMoviePartyWeddingShopping
Back to NormalGo to SchoolBack to OfficeGet a Hair CutTake a Flight
Eat Road SidePani PuriSamosaCutting ChaiVada Pao

Paytm Wishlist Offer Cards

How to Collect PayTM 2021 Wishlist Cards

1. You have to start the process by downloading your updating the PayTM app’s latest version.

PayTM Latest Version Download

2. You must login to the PayTM account.

3. Visit the section of Cashback and Offers, where you get the banner highlighting different offers and click on anyone of them.

Paytm 2021 Wishlist Offer Stickers

4. You have to complete the tasks mentioned in the list to be the winner of PayTM Wishlist Cards.

Paytm Wishlist Offer

5. Once you succeed to collect total 20 cards, you may earn a maximum of Rs 10,000.

6. If you succeed to earn additional cash, you may even gift the same to other PayTM users or friends to get further Wishlist Cards as surprise.

Paytm Wishlist cards

Tricks to Collect PayTM 2021 Wishlist 10 Cards

  • Shop on PayTM mall with min of ₹100 & Win Gym Card.
  • Check in 5 Times to collect Paris card.
  • Pay utility bills of min ₹100 and win Las Vegas card.
  • Pay DTH, CC or Other Bills of Min ₹100 and Get Sydney Card.
  • Recharge your mobile with paytm of min ₹48 & win Switzerland card.
  • Send money using your bank account min of ₹50 and get street food cards.
  • Order food online using paytm wallet on swiggy, zomato and dominos of min ₹100 and win cycling card.
  • Add money to wallet of min ₹501 and win school card.

PayTM Wishlist 2021 Rules

Every Participant, on entering the game will see a list of “PayTM 2021 Wishlist” cards to be collected. Also, the participant will be Awarded with a “Jogging Card” for entering the game.

The participant needs to do various activities & payments on paytm to collect the Wishlist cards based on themes such as vacations, street food, workout etc.

The participant can win exciting cashback by collecting various sets of card such as Mid-way delight, theme collection, 2021 bonanza etc.

The participant can also gift an extra card to friends and win a surprise card in return.

Earning PayTM 2021 Wishlist Rewards via Gifting Cards

PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer allow participants to gift cards to any other PayTM users if they have multiple cards for a single item. The receiver will only get the card if he or she does not gift it from the existing collection. The participants will get a chance to earn scratch cards while their friends claim the gift and the card will be up to 2 in one day. The participants may gift a Wishlist card only up to 3times to a single receiver to get a surprise gift.

Therefore, just collect cards via PayTM 2021 Wishlist Offer and get opportunity to win a maximum of Rs.10,000 today.