PUBG Mobile KR Version Download (April 2023) APK+OBB File

PUBG KR Version

PUBG mobile has its large number of versions specific to local area or region. These are PUBG Vietnam, PUBG TW, PUBG KR and PUBG JP. Here, we will talk about PUBG KR Version, which is the game’s Korean version and is available easily from Play Store for Korean players. In this version, you have to play as guests or use of your Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts to sign in.

Pubg Mobile Kr Version
Apk NamePUBG Mobile KR (Korean)
Last Updated4th April 2023
Apk Size700 MB
OBB File700 MB with APK File
Downloads70 Million Users
AvailableGoogle Play, App Store, Tap Tap & More
Official Website

PUBG Mobile KR Version Download

Opportunity to Participate with 100 Players in a Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile KR players will get an opportunity to take part in a Battle Royale game. Here, about 100 real players compete in a closed setup until and unless a single survivor left as standing. If you want to achieve success in your mission, you have to move across the game setting and collect the best possible weapons. Simultaneously, you must make sure to remain within your play zone that shrinks consistently with time.

Get Every Element from the Actual PUBG Desktop Version

PUBG Mobile KR players will get each of the elements from the actual PUBG desktop version. Here, the control system is similar to the original PUBG and you will get opportunity to interact with the game’s elements and objects. You may even enter the buildings, mount various telescopic sights, hop into your favorite vehicles, climb on walls and use first aid kids.

Allow You to Adjust the Graphic Details and Customize the Controls

Gamers may visit the settings to use the menu for adjusting various graphic detail levels according to the ability of their devices. One can even customize the available controls by sitting behind a vehicle wheel or moving by foot.

Both Team and Solo Modes are Available

PUBG Mobile KR players may enjoy the latest KR version of the game in both solo and team modes. Especially, playing in teams let players to communicate with comrades by the help of microphone.

Exclusive Features of PUBG Mobile KR Version

  • KR version of PUBG has tons of Korean features.
  • The KR version of the game is more or less similar to the PUBG’s global version.
  • Other than rewards and events offered by global PUBG, gamers may participate in additional events and claim more rewards by downloading the PUBG’s KR version.
  • The Korean version of PUBG Mobile features Donkatsu Medal i.e. a special currency used mainly for opening of crates.

Steps to Download PUBG Mobile KR Version with OBB File

As discussed before, people of Korea may download the Korean version of PUBG game directly from the Google Play Store. Only, gamers have to download the OBB data and APK file of Korean PUBG KR game from the official websites. The detailed procedure to follow is:

  • You have to visit the official website of OBB data and APK pure.
  • You will find the Home Page, where you have to type PUBG KR version displayed in the search bar.
  • After this, the screen displays PUBG KR app, where you have to click to allow the system in downloading the respective game in your mobile device.
  • Once the download completes, you may enjoy the Korean version of PUBG on your phone device.
Pubg Kr Version Apkpure

How to Download PUBG KR Version from TapTap

Players belonging to other parts of the world excluding Korea may download PUBG Mobile Korean Version by using TapTap. The steps to follow here are:

Step 1: Players have to download the TapTap app from its official website. Accordingly, they must click on the link displayed on the website.

Step 2: In the next step, players should locate PUBG mobile APK for installing the app. However, before starting the installation process, one has to activate the option of install PUBG Mobile KR from an unknown source. Gamers may do so by simply navigating from settings to privacy and safety followed by installation from an unknown source.

Pubg Mobile Kr Tap Tap

Step 3: Players must open TapTap and look for PUBG Mobile KR. Once the gamers find the relevant result, they should press on the button that shows download. Alternatively, one has to click on the update button if he/she already has previous version of the PUBG mobile game.

Pubg Kr Version Tap Tap

Step 4: Once the download and installation of the game completes, players may enjoy KR version of their favorite PUBG Mobile game.

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Overall, PUBG Mobile KR is an excellent adaptation of the original PUBG Mobile.

The kr version of pubg mobile is many times better than the global version. In the Kr version you will find most of the Legendary items in the silver fragment itself such as gun skins, vehicle skins and outfits. Go to the section of the shop and check all offers, you will be stunned. Here the money spent on your UC will be saved, because almost all the items are available here for free.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

Is pubg mobile kr version safe in india?

It is absolutely safe to play in India. Although this is the Korean version of Pubg, which was created for Korea, but in our country a lot of people who play the Pubg Kr version officially. You too can enjoy Pubg Kr by following our download procedure.

Can pubh mobile kr version play with global?

Of course, you can also play with global players using the kr version. For this you can manage your server according to your own, I always like to play in “ASIA” server, because there are very competitive players.

Do you need VPN to play pubg korean?

No, PUBG kr version is a VPN-Free game. You do not need any kind of VPN to play pubg kr. Yes, if you want to use a VPN for pubg crate opening then you can get more chances of getting the legendary items.