PYMT Card – Axis Bank BRN Card Payment Charges (2024)

PYMT Card, BRN Card Payment Charges: BRN is the acronym for Bank Reference Number that carries out local transactions for making payments against a few specific raised invoices. Accordingly, BRN can identify the invoices related to made payments. Banks and financial companies regularly issue BRNs to their customers by mentioning the payment details on their invoices.

Each country uses separate digits to describe its bank reference number. BRN card usually contains information related to the type of financial transaction, the serial number of a document, and the number of a particular bank or financial institution. It also contains the invoice associated with the partner code of a business.

BRN Card Payment Charges

BRN Card Payment Charges

Every bank or financial company decides its parameter to create BRNs. The number eases the entire payment process against the business partners and customers, as the payment of the invoice is relatively easy with bank reference numbers. In most cases, the bank applies BRN charges whenever its customers apply for a credit card or debit card.

Axis Bank Credit Card Payment Options:

Net BankingAxis Mobile App
Other Net Banking OptionsNEFT
Visa Money TransferUPI
Electronic Clearing ServiceAuto Debit

BRN Card Payment Charges in Axis Bank

BRN charges in Axis Bank refer to the deduction done by your specific branch of Axis Bank account. For instance, if you possess a credit card from a particular branch of Axis Bank and if the bank does a deduction on the branch level, the respective charge will highlight in your bank statement.

Bank professionals refer to it as the BRN charge. In simple words, if you see any charge related to BRN Card Payment, it indicates that the branch has done a deduction from the credit card. These charges may be because of your credit card’s annual charge or late payment. There are many fees related to credit cards, which we often overlook while signing up for the respective card. However, bank professionals always recommend you check every possible detail related to every charge to identify the exact fees made from BRN card payment fees.

Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Care

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FAQs: Most Asked Question

What is the minimum sign-up fee charged by Axis Bank for issuing credit cards?

Axis Bank charges Rs 3,000 when it issues any credit card. However, if you want to apply for a Burgundy credit card from Axis Bank, you do not have to pay any sign-up fee.

What is the standard annual fee charged by a particular Axis Bank branch?

Every branch of Axis Bank will charge a standard annual fee of Rs 3,000 from the second year.

What is the percent of finance charge on a credit card of Axis Bank?

According to the update done in June 2021, the average finance charge is 3.4 percent per month or approximately 50 percent per year.

Do I have to pay any fee to replace my Axis Bank credit card?

Yes, you should pay Rs 100 as the fee to replace your Axis Bank credit card.

What is the late fee payment on the credit cards of Axis Bank?

The late fee payment associated with Axis Bank credit cards may be up to Rs 1200.