How to Fix Shak-1001 Error Code in Crunchyroll (2024)

Crunchyroll is a popular website for everyone, who wants the latest Manga and Anime in the same place. About a hundred million users use this website for entertainment purposes. However, many users have recently reported a common issue with the Crunchyroll website. Accordingly, website users have gotten the Shak-1001 error code in Crunchyroll.

Overview of the Error

Crunchyroll error code of Shak-1001 refers to a technical issue that bothers its users while they watch anime shows. The error message often highlights something has gone wrong and asks people to try the action again. In some cases, the annoying message displays while in the middle or near the end of an episode. A few users may even encounter the problem when they try to log in or access information on their Crunchyroll accounts.

Shak-1001 Error Code in Crunchyroll

Steps to Fix the Shak-1001 Error Code in Crunchyroll

Download Crunchyroll Episodes in Offline Mode

Until the support team addresses and resolves the issue of the Shak-1001 Error Code, you should download Crunchyroll anime episodes to watch them in offline mode.

Check the Internet Connection

Crunchyroll Error Code Shak-1001 may sometimes occur because of an internet connection. You may receive an error message when you have a poor Wi-Fi signal. In this situation, you should conduct a Wi-Fi speed on your device before streaming Crunchyroll. By doing so, you may ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal. At the same time, you may ensure fast upload and download rates to stream Crunchyroll. Immediately contact your Internet or Wi-Fi Service Provider if you find a weak internet signal.

Verify the Crunchyroll Server Status

When you access the Crunchyroll website and gets pops up related to Shark error code 1001, servers may have crashed. Crunchyroll server often crashes when multiple users try to log into it simultaneously. In this situation, you should check your Crunchyroll server status. If you find that the server is down, you need to wait so that the servers again become online.

Reset Your Router Device

Shak error code 1001 may continue to take place even with a strong internet connection. Here, you should reset your router, as it may contain cluttered cache data in bulk. Turn off your router for one minute and let it shut down. Restart your router device to reset it.

Clear Your Web Browser Cache

Clearing the data and cache on your web browser may help users when they face problems while using Crunchyroll through their websites. For this, you need to follow some simple instructions to clear your browser data and cache:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Go to the browser’s right corner and click More
  • Select the button More Tools
  • Click Clear Browsing Data and select it
  • Select Delete Everything at the top of your browser
  • Now, click on Cookies and related site data
  • Check and tick mark in each of the boxes.
  • Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Clear The Browser Cache from Your Mobile App

Do you often watch Crunchyroll anime and video content from your Android device? You should follow a few simple steps to remove the browser cache on your Android app. By doing so, you may resolve the error code issue.

  • Visit your device Settings
  • Click on Apps while you scroll down
  • Select the Crunchyroll app and select storage
  • Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Clear the Overloaded Crunchyroll Watch Queue

Crunchyroll Shak-1001 error may often be caused by an overloaded Crunchyroll watch queue. You may resolve this issue by clearing its watch queue based on the following instructions:

On Mobile Apps:

  • Open the Crunchyroll app on your Android device and go to My Account.
  • Click on My Lists to choose the anime and shows you want to unsubscribe.
  • Click Remove to remove the shows from your Watchlist.

On Browser:

  • Visit the official website of and log into your account.
  • Go to the website’s Menu icon and select Queue from it.
  • Move to My Queue and click All Shows to delete them.

Disable Antivirus and Windows Firewall

Users who want to access Crunchyroll on their PCs but facing the Shak-1001 error code should disable the Antivirus and Windows Firewall. For this, you should initially check the responses of both apps from the server. If Windows Firewall and/or Antivirus get suspicious responses, they will block it.  

Accordingly, users may no longer use the Crunchyroll website. Hence, you should try to disable the Antivirus and Windows Firewall to check whether they resolve your problem. Once your problem is resolved, you should unblock Crunchyroll from the Windows Firewall and Antivirus.

Update the Existing Crunchyroll App

If your PC or mobile does not contain the updated Crunchyroll app for a long time and you try to watch its content or access information, you may face the error. You should remember that developers regularly release new patch updates to resolve the issue. Make sure to get the updated and latest version Crunchyroll app to avoid facing the problem. You may check for available app updates from the App Store. The steps related to the instructions are:

  • Visit the Settings of your device.
  • Navigate to device Storage to open the tab Applications.
  • Search for the Crunchyroll application
  • Choose Functions
  • From here, select Update.

Reinstall the Crunchyroll App

If you continue to face the same problem of Shak error code-1001, you should reinstall the Crunchyroll app to fix it. Users may get such problems because of corrupted installed files. Hence, reinstallation of the Crunchyroll app may fix the problem on your PC. The reinstallation steps include the following:

  • Open your device Settings and click on Storage to access it.
  • Navigate to the section Apps
  • Here, you will get a search bar to look for the Crunchyroll app.
  • Now, uninstall Crunchyroll, select Functions followed by Uninstall.
  • Return to your device’s App Store.
  • Re-install the Crunchyroll app.
  • Open the Crunchyroll app and enter your account details again.

Contact the Customer Support Team of Crunchyroll

If you continue to get the problem of Crunchyroll error code Shak-1001, we recommend you contact the Crunchyroll customer support team. The error may occur consistently because of a few technical issues. Hence, your customer support will assist you and provide solutions to overcome the underlying problem.


Crunchyroll users may get several solutions to the Crunchyroll error code of Shak-1001. Make sure to follow the guidelines and implement them in the right way to resolve the issue.