[Fixed] Sons of the Forest Can’t Open Inventory (8 Solutions)

Sons of the Forest has won gamers around the globe over with its thrilling gameplay and immersive survival horror experience, but some gamers may need help accessing their inventory within the game.

Whether it’s a glitch, compatibility issue, or controller malfunction, this troubleshooting guide aims to provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to fix the Sons of the Forest can’t open inventory obstacle and regain full enjoyment of the game.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is an exciting, frightening game enjoyed worldwide. As its sequel, The Forest, this terrifying sequel takes players on an exhilarating adventure through dark forests full of dangerous and creepy creatures they don’t recognize, all while trying to remain alive. Exploration, resource management, and strategic decisions all play vital roles in staying alive, which makes this challenging but thrilling!

Sons of the Forest

Fixing Sons of the Forest Can’t Open Inventory Problem

Sons of the Forest makes it essential for players to have access to all their items. Pressing ‘I’ will open your inventory, where weapons, tools, and other valuable things are available that you find while playing safely.

This matter, known as “Inventory Not Opening,” can be annoying as it stops players from retrieving crucial objects at critical moments.

Note that Sons of the Forest is still new and that its inventors may be vigorously working to address any possible issues as they occur. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy playing and try different strategies to overcome any challenges you encounter in the game. Don’t let this issue with the inventory ruin your fun!

Fix 1: Restart the Game

If you’re having trouble with Sons of the Forest, an essential step you can try is to close the game and open it again. This simple action can sometimes fix minor problems and make the game work properly. Restarting a game can be like giving it a fresh start, like turning off and on your computer or console. Pressing “reset” may clear away any temporary issues causing issues with either gameplay or inventory management. If you’re having trouble, restarting it could help smooth things over. You might be amazed that restarting can get everything back running smoothly!

Fix 2: Updating the Game

It’s important to check if there are any updates available for Sons of the Forest and install them. Updating the game means getting the newest version, which can have bug fixes and improvements. These updates are like special packages that game developers create to improve the game and fix any problems players might encounter. So, by updating the game, you’re trying to fix the Sons of the Forest can’t open inventory issue.

Fix 3: Check Controller Settings

When using a controller to play Sons of the Forest, check its connection and functioning. Check the physical connections, batteries, or charging status, depending on the type of controller you are using. Additionally, verify that your controller settings are correctly configured within the game’s options menu. Properly functioning controls are crucial for accessing your inventory without any hindrances.

Fix 4: Reducing Graphics

Reducing the graphics to the minimum sometimes fixes the inventory not showing problems in the game. You can do this by heading to the game settings and opening the graphics feature. Here, you can set the parameters to the minimum and save the changes. If this helped fix the problem, you can set the parameters to high again and see if the problem repeats. If that solves your issue, continue playing while remembering this is only a temporary fix.

Fix 5: Go to the Shelter

The other way you can solve or fix Sons of the Forest can’t open inventory is by allowing your character to get some sleep. You will achieve this by forcing your character into the shelter. It is advisable to try this procedure to fix the issue at least three times if you notice that the problem is still existing after a single try. But do remember that you are increasing your character’s hunger by sleeping multiple times. Therefore, watch how many times you are heading to the shelter. Although the process is slow, it does solve the issue.

Fix 6: Verifying System Requirements

Check the game’s official website or documentation to ensure your system has the necessary specifications or minimum hardware requirements to run smoothly. Inadequate hardware or outdated drivers can sometimes lead to compatibility issues that prevent you from accessing your inventory.

Advanced Troubleshooting Solutions

You can also follow the below advanced solutions to fix the Sons of the Forest can’t open inventory issue:

  • Fix 1: Disabling Conflicting Software – Temporarily disable any background applications interfering with the game, such as overlay software or antivirus programs.
  • Fix 2: Verify Game Files – Verifying the game files is an excellent chance to fix the problem. A simple scan will help the game to identify and correct any corrupted files.


You can fix the Sons of the Forest can’t open inventory issues by following the solutions outlined in this article. Early access games often contain bugs, and their developers continue to patch them with updates for optimal performance. If this issue arises again, joining a community forum where other players and/or developers may provide help and advisement is advisable.

Bugs in games can be frustrating, and therefore, we hope the fixes discussed in this post can help resolve them and restore gameplay!

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FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How can I access my inventory in Sons of the Forest?

To access your inventory in Sons of the Forest, press your keyboard’s designated key, “I.” This will open an inventory screen where you can manage the stored items, weapons, and tools.

If I have difficulties accessing my inventory in Sons of the Forest, what steps should I follow?

Try these steps to resolve your issue: Restart the game. Install any available updates for optimal performance to ensure you’re playing the latest version while verifying your computer meets minimum operational requirements. Use a suitable controller, if you are, and check its connection. Reaching out to the game’s support team or community forums might also help get assistance.

Are there any community-based solutions for the inventory opening issue?

Yes, you can explore online forums and community discussions related to Sons of the Forest. Players often share their experiences, troubleshooting techniques, and potential solutions for solving common problems with other gamers.