15 BEST SoundCloud to MP3 Converter & 320 Download 2024

SoundCloud to MP3

SoundCloud is an excellent tool to allow users to communicate freely with others by using the official website. However, even though SoundCloud is an easy-to-use type of platform, a prime concern is that it fails to convert music or video to MP3 format. Here comes the role of top SoundCloud to MP3 Converter tools, which we have shared in this exclusive blog content.

SoundCloud is a type of online music sharing and audio streaming platform set up in the year 2007. It has interactive nature to let both types of creators i.e. podcasters and musicians to connect with their fans and listeners by using diverse sharing tools. SoundCloud has become very popular because of its commenting feature. Accordingly, you may use the platform to share your thoughts on different moments in your selected audio stream and the app will make them visible to everyone who chooses to hear the respective track.

ArticleSoundCloud to MP3 Converter
ToolFree SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Premium
CategoryMusic Audio Tools
Last UpdateFree Converter & Downloader App Added ✅
AvailabilityFor Android, Windows and iOS Users
ConverterDownload4 CC, 4k SoundCloud to MP3 Converter & 13 More
BenefitsDownload Video Audio, 320Kbps Songs ✅

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Features of SoundCloud to MP3

SoundCloud to MP3

Discovery of Music Catalog According to Categories

SoundCloud app allows users to discover their favorite music catalog based on their categories. The app is easy for every user to identify incredible music belonging to almost every genre. Hence, you get everything whether you want the latest and hottest tracks or all-time greats. Moreover, SoundCloud is perfect to search and identify music based on the name of an artist, music album, recording studio, or specific genre to find the one easily.

Personalized Music Playlist

SoundCloud to MP3 features a personalized music playlist, which allows its users to create a playlist of their favorite music content. Users may even get a chance to create diverse playlists according to their moods, like driving, home, gym, and similar others. Moreover, if you are an artist, you get the opportunity to recommend your users with a new release, fan-chart, and top-chart playlists. This will allow your users to listen to music or songs with only one click on your playlist.

Access to Millions of Online & Offline Songs

Another interesting feature of SoundCloud to MP3 is that it gives access to millions of offline and online songs/music tracks to enjoy according to their convenience. In the case of online mode, users must have seamless internet access. However, while using the app offline, users may store a local copy of any specific song or music file present in their music library.

Integration with Social Media Platform

SoundCloud has integration with different social media platforms, like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. Hence, it allows users to share music files of their choice with only one click.

List of Best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Online Free

S no.Soundcloud ConverterWebsite
1Download4 CChttps://www.download4.cc/
34k SoundCloud to MP3 Converterhttps://www.4kdownload.com/
4Jihosoft 4k Videohttps://www.jihosoft.com/
5Single Mangohttps://www.singlemango.com/
6Tipard Screen Capturehttps://www.tipard.com/
8Scloud Downloaderhttps://sclouddownloader.net/

How to Use SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps Downloader

Step 1: First of all, select one the best SoundCloud to MP3 Converter / Downloader tool from the given list.

Step 2: Visit the SoundCloud to MP3 Converter Website.

Step 3: Now copy the SONG URL from the SoundCloud website which you want to download.

SoundCloud Download

Step 4: In the mentioned website, paste the song URL in the box.

Step 5: At last, Click on the download button to get your song in your device.


1. Download4.cc

soundcloud to mp3 converter

Download4.cc is a single click type of Soundcloud to MP3 and MP4 converter. You may use the tool for downloading your favorite videos from more than 1000 websites to use them offline. The website is not only free to use but also performs its functions at a fast rate.

Website – https://www.download4.cc/

2. Allavsoft

Soundcloud Downloader

Allavsoft is the most recommendable Soundcloud to MP3 converter. It is an easily usable tool, where you have to copy and paste the music Url of SoundCloud to Allavsoft and click on the option of download. You may download your favorite music files from music-sharing websites. These include YouTube, Spotify, Tital, and Deezer. You may even download subtitles and videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more than 100 other websites.

Allavsoft downloads almost every type of online music file and video file to almost any music or video format of your choice. These include M4A, AAC, WAV, MPG, MP3, MP4, and many more. If this is not enough, you may use the tool to download multiple media files in batches simultaneously in the tool’s background. Allavsoft has both Mac and Windows versions.

Website – https://www.allavsoft.com/

3. 4k SoundCloud to MP3 Converter

SoundCloud to MP3 Converter

4K SoundCloud to MP3 converter will save audiobooks, podcasts, playlists, and audio tracks from Sound Cloud, Instagram, Facebook, VEVO, YouTube, and many more. The converter tool features different audio formats, download music in their original quality, and allows fast download. The tool is available for Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac OS.

Website – https://www.4kdownload.com/

4. Jihosoft 4k Video

Download SoundCloud Songs

Other than functioning as a simple video SoundCloud downloader, Jihosoft 4K Video converts SoundCloud to MP3. The tool converts almost every downloaded video into 128 Kbps of MP music format. Jihosoft 4K Video is ideal for all who want to extract audio files from videos and music available on Sound Cloud. Moreover, if you choose to download video content, you may get it with the actual cover and its subtitles.

Website – https://www.jihosoft.com/

5. Single Mango

SoundCloud to MP3 Downloader

Single Mango converter tool supports music of MP3 formats in both 128kbps and 320kbps bitrates. If you want to download and convert your audio from SoundCloud to MP3, you only have to open its official link. On doing so, you will get a text box to copy and paste the respective audio file URL and click the Download button. A major benefit of using the Single Mango tool is that it is compatible with every type of browser, like Opera Mini, Chrome, and Mozilla. Besides, it is a mobile-friendly SoundCloud to MP3 converter, because of which it is compatible with Android phones and PCs as well.

6. Tipard Screen Capture

Best SoundCloud to MP3 Download

Tipard Screen Capture downloads almost every type of SoundCloud audio and video at the fastest possible rate. Moreover, its software implements a strong algorithm to guarantee the best quality of any downloaded content. With Tipard Screen Capture, you may set the video or audio recording time, which eliminates the need to track the progress of a media file you want to download. The tool supports almost every audio format, like MP3, MP4, AC3, and AAC, and is compatible with the latest Windows 10.

If you want to record any SoundCloud to MP3 audio, you have to turn on the system’s Audio and deactivate your microphone’s audio. Later, you may click on the nearby red button to start with the recording process. On the other side, if you simply want to use the tool, you have to open it and set its audio options present in the tab showing Record Audio.

Website – https://www.tipard.com/

7. Klickaud

SoundCloud Songs Converter

With Klickaud, you may download high-quality MP3 content from SoundCloud to MP3 of both 320kbps and 128kbps. Moreover, the tool features a minimalistic design to make it easily usable. Only you have to search the song’s URL or its playlist you want to convert and send the details of the URL in its converter box. Now, you have to hit the Download button to complete the conversion of your selected SoundCloud video to an MP3 audio file. Within only a few seconds, you will enjoy your favorite audio or music content directly by using your device.

Website – https://www.klickaud.co/

8. Scloud Downloader

SoundCloud Downloader

You may get Scloud Downloader in two different variants. The first is the online app, which lets you convert each of your SoundCloud audios into HD-quality MP3 formats. Besides, you will get a SoundCloud Playlist to convert your complete playlist into the MP3 format by using a single click. The tool is perfect for all who want to get an easily usable and registration free app. You may download the music of your choice easily by pasting the respective audio URL and click on Download.

Website – https://sclouddownloader.net/

9. Forhub

Free SoundCloud to MP3

ForHub is also an efficient SoundCloud to MP3 converter app available for music lovers. If you want to use this, you have to copy the respective playlist or audio link to download and paste it into the converter box of the tool. After this, you have to click on the option of ‘Download’ and wait for some time to complete the download process. An interesting aspect of ForHub is that it is easily usable, because of which it is recommendable among beginners. The tool gives support to a large number of audio formats and has compatibility with various operating systems.

Website – https://www.forhub.io/

10. Vubey

SoundCloud to Mp3 Converter Online

Vubey converter tool converts both video and audio contents obtained from SoundCloud to MP3. Besides, Vubey supports more than 400 different websites to become compatible converters in the market. With the Vubey converter tool, you may experience different quality ratings related to audio content. Once you paste the MP3 URL on the respective download box, you have to click on Download to get the job done by Vubey.

Website – https://vubey.yt/

11. Wondershare Uni Converter

Wondershare Uni Converter helps you to download almost every type of SoundCloud audios in quality formats. The tool performs its functions to a maximum of 30 times fast as compared to any conventional type of SoundCloud to MP3 converter.

The converter also has an in-built multimedia player to sort your popular video or audio formats. Wondershare Uni Converter streams your video from different devices, like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Mac, and Windows. It even lets you personalize or edit your downloads. Users who want to use Wondershare Uni Converter have to copy the link of their favorite music or video and paste the same on the respective platform and later, click on download MP3.

12. Anything2MP3

With the help of Anything2MP3, you not only convert SoundCloud media contents into MP3 music free and fast but also upload and convert files on your PC. The tool gives enough flexibility to select both the quality and format of your audio. A few Anything2MP3 users have lamented various invasive advertisements available on the platform. However, the tool has countless redeem features, like a high speed associated with the conversion of audios and simplistic design.

13. Scdownloader

Scdownloader is an effective SoundCloud to MP3 Converter tool. It gives you a separate text box to type in the audio URL for converting to MP3. Once you feed the audio URL, you have to click on the Convert button so that the tool will select the link right there. You have to wait for a few seconds to get the conversion done by Scdownloader to your PC. Hence, you will enjoy the privilege associated with enjoying your favorite music anytime you want.

14. SoundCloudtoMP3.co

SoundCloudtomp3.co is the right choice for all who want to get a professionally designed SoundCloud to MP3 converter. An interesting aspect of the tool is that it has a minimalistic design with limited buttons as well as options. With SoundCloudtomp3.co, you get an opportunity to download an unlimited number of audios with limited conversion and download restrictions. The tool features quick and easy registration and you may start using the converter just by visiting the website.


SCDDLR comes with a simple design and it converts SoundCloud videos and audios into the fine quality of MP3 formats. Once you locate the audio link to the playlist or song of your choice, you have to open the platform of SCDDLR in addition to paste its link in the respective box. After this, you should press the button of Convert to allow your content available to download. You may give up to two minutes to allow the download of a playlist or audio. Finally, you have to click on Download to complete the entire process.

Overall, you will get a pool of SoundCloud to MP3 download to convert varieties of video or music contents of your choice. Only, you have to search well and analyze the features you want to get the best one according to your choice.

Using SoundCloud as Listeners

Visit the official website of SoundCloud or download its app and create your account. You may do so by entering your email id and select a password. Alternatively, you have to sign up by using your Apple, Google, or Facebook account.

You have to edit your profile and simultaneously, edit your user’s display name. Once you complete the editing work, you have to click on Save Changes.

Click on the tab ‘Home’ to navigate to SoundCloud’s Discover page and search for trending music, or specific content you want. You may even like, comment, or report your favorite tracks. Each of these options remains available below the waveforms of your selected audio or music tracks.

Click on More Button and then click on Add to Playlist to create a playlist of your favorite music content. Besides, you may click on the Follow button under the name of your favorite artist to follow his/her new track, reports, and playlists, You will get everything in the tab ‘Stream’ with your uploaded and reposted tracks. Your playlists and likes live in the tab of Library.

Using SoundCloud as Artists

  • Using SoundCloud has a relatively higher involvement in the case of creators. The reason is that the app has multiple tools at the disposal for sharing your work and increases your target audience.
  • To upload your music track to SoundCloud, you have to click on Upload
  • You may drag and drop your music files in the upload box or select files for uploading from your laptop or PC.
  • Next, click on Private or Public to deal with the privacy of your music track.
  • Alternatively, you may enable your music downloads for your specific music track and add or change the details of the track you want.

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Queries on SoundCloud to MP3 Converter 2024

Is SoundCloud to MP3 Legal?

Yes of course it is safe and legal to use, SoundCloud to MP3 is a tool that helps to download audio formats.

What is SoundCloud to MP3 Converter?

SoundCloud to MP3 is an online tool that gives you the ability to download your favorite songs offline. You can download any song in mp3 or mp4 high quality.

Is is safe to use SoundCloud Downloader?

There are many such soundcloud downloader available on the internet, here we listed some best soundcloud to mp3 download which are reliable and give you the facility to download songs in mp3 format.

How to Download SoundCloud Songs Offline?

To download songs from Soundcloud to MP3 Converter, visit the website and copy any song URL which you want to download. Now paste the url in the listed website & tap on download button to listen it offline.