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Spotify Premium Apk

Download Latest Version of Spotify Premium Apk for Free 2024

Everybody loves music, and whoever loves music, loves Spotify. Spotify is one of the most famous and most used music apps of all time. With almost a billion downloads on the play store you can imagine how many active users are there in the world using Spotify.

Some users use the free version while others use the premium one which they purchase. For the free version Spotify only offers 96 kilobits per second or high quality that is almost 160 kilobits per second but the premium version offers almost double the amount of kilobits (320 kilobits) in the free version that provides a better and a very clearer audio experience.

If you are a genuine music lover who loves to listen to music when you are happy or sad, then Spotify Premium is just for you. We have given all the information about the spotify premium apk here, you just stay connected with that exclusive article. Apart from this, we have also explained Spotify Premium Apk’s installation guide, spotify premium plans & features and the process of downloading music from spotify in high quality.

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Mod Apk

As we all know Spotify is a perfect music streaming app, where an amazing collection of songs of all kinds is given. List of these songs of spotify entertains millions of users everyday, we can use spotify for free but with this Spotify provides both subscriptions plans [Free or Paid].

Although we can also use spotify for free, but in the free version you will have to face a lot of restrictions. You will get to enjoy high quality music streams in spotify premium subscription plans. The free version of spotify offers music quality of 48 KBPS, and in spotify premium provides high quality music songs in 320 KBPS. Such quality is enough to enjoy a music and feel it.

There are many developers who have released Spotify Premium’s cracked version. In this, you will not get any kind of restrictions, plus you can listen to unlimited songs of best collections by accessing spotify premium for free.

Download Spotify Apk for Android

Apk NameSpotify Premium
App Size56 MB
DeveloperSpotify Ltd
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 or Above
Last Updated19th January 2024

You might have liked the spotify premium plans, but are the prices a little higher? Did you not think so? If you do not want to buy its premium plan, then you can also use spotify for free without subscription. Before downloading it, know about its technical features like android support, version and developers etc.

Download Link for Spotify Premium Apk Original Version

Spotify Premium Plans

Individual Plan

This is a one-year premium membership plan. Which is only for one person (individual), you cannot share this account in another device. You can save ₹429 on this premium plan as compared to other monthly plans. This offer is limited till 31st December, avail it soon.

Premium Individual

Premium Individual Plan is Free for 3 Months for new user of spotify. You can use the 3 months free offer only once in one account, after the free offer period ends, you will have to pay ₹149 per month to continue it.

Premium Family Plan

If you want to have a separate Spotify Premium Account for your family members as well, then the Premium Family plan will be perfect for you. In this plan, you win get up to 6 premium accounts for family who living together. Block explicit music, Ad free music streams and you can also download 10,000 songs on per device. If you are a new user, then you will get the Premium Family Plan free for one month, after that you will have to pay ₹179/month.

Family Flexi Plan

If you want to get premium membership for a few months or annually, in which you get to enjoy spotify premium on more than one device, then buy the Family Flexi plan. This will fulfill your needs at a lower price, in this you will get three, six and twelve months membership which you can pay through paytm or upi. It charges ₹595 for 3 months.

Premium Duo

If you want an account for your partner too, you can buy the membership of Premium Duo. It is specially made for couples who live together. In this plan you will get 2 premium accounts, Ad Free Music and download 10,000 songs on per device. It takes ₹149/mo for every new user.

Student Plan

There is a special offer for students, if you are a university student then you will get a discount on Spotify premium membership. Special prices for students at an accredited university. AD Free music, in up to 5 devices. It charge ₹59 per month. Offer only for users who are new to premium.

Spotify Premium Apk Plans

Official Website –

Features of Spotify Premium Apk

The free version of spotify has more limitations than any other free app in this segment which forces each and every user to install Spotify mods.

Spotify apk gives some mesmerising features for free on our site, you can check them out below.

Spotify Premium Apk Features

Download 10,000 songs at a time and listen to them later in offline mode.

No more shuffle-only mode with Spotify premium, one of the major concerns to get the premium version is the ability to play any song any time. With our Spotify apk you can play any song you want unlike the free version which only lets you listen songs in shuffle mode.

You will get unlimited skips, With Spotify premium you can skip infinite number of songs while in the free version there is restriction in skipping also.

Offline downloading enabled, You get an awesome feature that is called offline downloading, with the premium apk you will be able to download any song offline and listen to it afterwards.

No more waiting for new releases, You need not to wait for new releases, Spotify has already tied up with several music companies so that you can get new releases on spotify directly.

All Podcasts are easily available, You can listen to any podcast with Spotify premium apk, you will get access to unlimited channels and profiles so you may never miss an update.

Save storage space, You will save storage space as each and every song you save is stored on Spotify cloud only which directly saves your device storage.

Spotify Premium Free Trial for 30 Days

We can also access spotify premium 30 days for free, for this you will have to activate 30 days trial of spotify premium free. Free trial is also like a premium version, here you can check that if you like spotify free versions then you can buy premium plans. Spotify Free Trial saves your $9.99 for one month.

How to Get Spotify Trial 30-Days for Free

1. First of all visit the official website of Spotify in your browser.

Spotify 30-Days Free Trial

2. There you will see premium plans & “Try One Month Free”, click on the Get Premium Family.

Spotify Premium Free Trial

3. Now, Login with your existing account otherwise you can make a new one by click on signing up for a new account.

How to get spotify for free

4. Tap on Try Spotify Premium Free.

5. Select your payment method, enter billing details & enter your Credit/Debit card details. (Don’t worry, No charge will be taken from you here).

6. After entering your payment details, you can enjoy Spotify Premium Free for 30 days.

It’s not a party time guys, give your attention here, You forgot one thing, your card details are still on the spotify. Meaning after the completion of the free trial, they will deduct the money from your card for the next month. Do not panic, you just have to do a small job, you have to cancel your subscription plan before the free trial is over. You can cancel it anytime, but remember before the free trial ends.

Spotify Free Trial

Here’s the simple steps to free trial subscription cancellation.

How to Cancel your Spotify Premium Free Trial

  • First of all, login to your account.
  • Now Goto the My Account option.
  • Then click on Subscription.
  • There you will see a “Cancel your Subscription” link.
  • Just go for it, then you have to give a reason for cancel your subscription.
  • Select any of them & Finally click on “Cancel Subscription” button.
  • Cheers! You’ve successfully cancelled your plan.

Spotify Free vs Premium vs Mod

If you are looking for spotify mod apk then you should know which are the features that you can find in the mod apk. Spotify free version has restriction on many things like you can’t download music songs & you didn’t better quality of music streams, in such difficulty we have to buy premium plans. But wait, Mod apk makes our work easy here so that we can save money. If we compare free version vs Premium vs mod apk then we get these features.

AD-Free Music Streaming✔️✔️
Skip Tracks✔️✔️
No-Root Permission✔️✔️✔️
High Quality Streaming✔️✔️
Choose any Song from the Playlist✔️✔️
Unlimited Downloads✔️
Unlimited Search✔️
PriceFreeAccording to PlanFree

How to Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk

First of all, download the Spotify Premium Apk Mod Version from the links given below.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

After the download has finished, head over to your settings and search for “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources”, and then click on it, after you clicked on it, tap on “Yes”.

Install Spotify Premium Apk

Now, install the app like you usually do, the app will be installed without any issues.

 Download Spotify Mod Apk

Open the app and enjoy Spotify Premium.

Disclaimer – We recommend you to make a second account to use Spotify premium so that your main account will never be blocked by the official Spotify company as using mods and unofficial premium apk are against every companies guidelines and are obviously illegal.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Old Versions

Download Spotify Apk File V8.5.87.921 MOD (ARMEABI-V7A) – Download from Here

Download Spotify Apk File V8.5.87.921 MOD (ARM64-V8A) – Download from Here

Download Spotify Apk V8.5.83.1075 MOD V1 – Download from Here

Download Spotify Apk File V8.5.83.1075 MOD V2 – Download from Here

Spotify Apk Download File V8.5.83.1075 MOD V3 (ARM64) – Download from Here

Credit for all these download links is given to Here you will find guides related to android phones. You can download and enjoy Spotify Premium Mod Apk from here without interruption. Keep in mind, before installing mod apk you have to uninstall the spotify original apk from your device.

How to Use Spotify Premium Apk?

After successfully installing spotify premium apk, launch it in the device and open it. To create your new account, you can take the advice of mobile number, facebook and gmail account. After confirming the account from OTP, select your language and proceed.

  • First of all download & launch the Spotify Premium Apk in your device.
  • Signup for new account.
  • Select the language in which you like to listen to music.
  • Now pick your favorite artists.
  • Show or hide the songs which are not playable in your region.
  • In music quality section, select the very high quality. It’ll consume a lot of data but this will help to deliver amazing sound quality.
  • Enjoy Spotify Premium for Free.

Availability And Compatibility Across Platforms

The main reason behind the popularity of Spotify is that they provide support on each and every platform ever made, from Android OS to iOS, from macOS to Windows, Spotify is available on every platform.

For offline downloading mobile is preferred, while for online streaming Desktops are preferred.

This doesn’t stop here, Spotify is also supported on platforms like gaming consoles like XBOX, and Play Station.

Smartwatches are also supported with Android gear or watchOS (by Apple). You can also install Spotify in luxury car music boards.

Queries on Spotify Premium Apk Free 2024

Is it safe to download Spotify premium apk?

Yes, obviously, it is completely safe to download this apk from our site, our site provides 256 SSH safe apks and are directly made by one of the best ethical programmers world wide. You will also get each and every feature we listed above without a doubt. The app will also be installed without any issues, in fact we have already written the “How to install” section above.

How much mobile data is consumed by Spotify now?

Spotify does not use P2P (confirmed officially), still music consumes a lot of data if it is played in high quality since high quality obviously needs more kilobytes.

The data consumed by different quality songs are:

96 kbps Quality – 0.70 mbps. (This quality is available on mobile only)
160 kbps Quality – 1.2 mbps (This one is the free quality and is also very good for listening songs)
320 kbps Quality – The best quality that spotify supports for now and is only available for premium users, this quality is also available in desktop.

You can download the songs one time so that your data may not be consumed every time you listen the same song or play same songs in a queue, so we recommend them to save in the offline space in your device.

BTW there is no need to worry about data if you already have a Wi-Fi plan. Spotify premium also provides you with unlimited bandwidth. People prefer online song streaming rather than downloading them.

Who made the Spotify Premium app that is available for free here?

The app is made by our engineers at ………. We ensure safety of all our users first, We also prefer transparency that is why we have answered this question. You can use this app just like the normal Spotify without any problem.

How Spotify shuffling also works?

The songs that you listen on Spotify are co related with the singer, so Spotify assumes that you like the singer and then plays songs according to it. There are more than 5 factors according to which the also is working, after all it is not random.