[Fixed] Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error (7 Quick Solutions) 2024

The Steam Deck has recently brought PC gaming to handheld devices. It allows players to access and play more than thousands of games. Moreover, Steam has an extensive library to provide a few popular AAA games to a portable console. Besides, Steam Cloud present in Steam Deck retains the players’ game progress, settings, stats, and other relevant details whenever they switch between the Steam Deck and PC.

Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

Synchronization of Steam Deck Cloud allows users to save their game progresses and resume their existing game from wherever they left it out. Synchronization is especially helpful when a gamer continues to play on any other device. Any issue with the cloud synchronization may not save the game’s progress. When the sync fails, users/players view a message of cloud synchronization (sync) error message. The synchronization failure message also displays when the gaming device fails to locate the most recently saved Steam Cloud files.

Reasons for Steam Cloud Sync Error

There are multiple reasons, why you experience cloud synchronization errors on your Steam Deck. It often takes place when the settings related to cloud synchronization are disabled or the Steam servers go down in the case of network connection issues. Other than that, Steam Deck cloud sync error may take place due to corrupted game files, inappropriate configurations, platform mismatches, and outdated game versions or Steam operating systems.

Reboot or Restart Steam Deck

We recommend you reboot or restart Steam Deck manually to ensure zero temporary system glitches on your system. For this:

  • Press the Steam Deck button and choose Power.
  • Select Restart to reboot your Steam Deck automatically.

Note: If you have powered Steam Deck but found that it is still unresponsive, you may try a force restart by pressing the Power button long for about two to three seconds. If the device continues to be unresponsive, there must be some problem with the installed system software. In this case, you should further try to press the Power button long for approximately 10 seconds to restart it forcefully.

Check the Status of the Steam Server

Next, you should check the status of your Steam Server with the help of the DownDetector Steam Status webpage. This step is essential to identify and cross- check any maintenance issues or downtime. If you find any issue with the status server, wait for a few hours, and try checking the status again. Alternatively, you may move to the next step if you do not find any problem with the Steam Deck server.

Check for the Latest Updates on Steam Operating System

In some cases, Steck Cloud Deck users experience problems due to outdated system software. In this case, you should check for the latest updates related to SteamOS manually and follow the below steps to prevent any pending software updates. The steps include the following:

  • Visit Settings by pressing the Steam Button
  • Press the button A to select System.
  • Visit the System Update Channel to select the Preview or Beta of a particular channel.
  • Select the option Restart Now to reboot your Steam Deck device.
  • Now, the device will apply the new channel for your System.
  • Repeat the steps to choose Check for Updates.
  • If the Steam Deck has any new update available, choose to Apply to start the process of a system reboot.
  • The installation of firmware will start and you should wait for its completion.

Check for Updates related to Specific Games

We also suggest you check for updates related to specific games to overcome the problems of cloud synchronization. For this:

  • Open the Library of your Steam Cloud and choose to Manage under the library page of a specific game.
  • Select Properties followed by the Updates tab.
  • Select Automatic Updates to reboot your Steam Deck.

Activate Steam Cloud Synchronization

If you deactivate the feature of Steam Cloud Synchronization in the past, you should turn it on to fix most of the Steam Cloud errors for every PC game on Steam Cloud Deck. The steps involved the following:

  • Choose Steam Menu from the Steam button.
  • Visit Settings from the available list and Navigate to the Cloud tab.
  • Tick on the box showing Activate Steam Cloud Synchronization.
  • Select OK to save the necessary changes.
  • Restart Steam Deck to apply the respective changes.

Retry the Synchronization of the Cloud

Follow the below steps to retry synchronization of Steam Cloud manually as per the latest Cloud Status:

  • Select the Steam button and choose a particular game t creating trouble for your device.
  • Explore Cloud Status to choose Out of Sync.
  • Select the button of Retry Sync present in the popup.
  • Wait a while to complete the process so that the Cloud Status should display Up to Date.

Repair the Library Folder of Steam Deck Cloud

If none of the steps or methods fail to fix Steam Cloud Synchronization Error, you should follow the steps related to the verification and repair of game files present in the Steam Library Folder.

  • Open Steam Cloud by pressing the Steam button and selecting the menu Steam.
  • Visit Settings and then to the tab highlighting Downloads.
  • Select the button Steam Library Folders to select a particular game.
  • Select the Repair Folder available in the option menu.
  • If you get any prompt, select Yes for its confirmation.
  • Wait some time to let Steam complete the repair process.
  • Once the process completes, Steam will synchronize your files to the Steam Cloud without any issue.

Therefore, depending on the underlying reason, you should follow the necessary steps to fix the Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error in no time.

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