The Last Of Us Season 2: Release Date, Episodes, Cast (2024)

The series had the second highest start in HBO streaming history, behind only Game of Thrones, and the network revealed the revelation on January 27, precisely two weeks after the premiere. In July, the show received 24 Emmy nominations, including one for Best Drama Series for its first season. The anticipation among viewers for the upcoming episode is growing.

It “still feels surreal to me that it’s going to go again,” Bella Ramsey told Entertainment Tonight, adding, “I don’t want to go into it comparing it to the experience of the first season.”

Known for her non-binary gender identification and usage of any pronouns, actress Ramsey has said that the first season of The Last of Us was “the best year of my life,” and she has thanked the show’s audience for accepting her character’s sexual orientation and gender identity as LGBTQ. She has also expressed her gratitude to those who have vouched for her integrity.

“I have, it’s like a gay army,” Ramsey said of his crew. “It’s comforting to know that I’m backed by such a strong group of people.”

Ramsey said that she values the feedback she’s received from The Last of Us players. “I love hearing gamers’ reactions to the show,” she said. “That’s the thing that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, when players who are really into the game say, ‘This is so amazing, and it lives up to all of my expectations.’ That’s the kind of answer that leaves you feeling totally and completely amazing.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date

While HBO has yet to announce when The Last of Us Season 2 will premiere, the network’s Drama Chief Francesca Orsi told Deadline in May 2023 that she and her team had set a goal for “some time in 2025.” The premiere date for The Last of Us Season 2 has not been set by HBO.

SeriesThe Last of Us
Original NetworkHBO
Seasons & Episodes1 Season, 9 Episodes
Original Release Date15 January 2023
Season 2 Release Date2024, 2025
Based OnThe Last of Us; by Naughty Dog
Productions CompaniesThe Mighty Mint, Word Games, PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, Sony Pictures Television
Where to WatchAvailable on HBO & Jio Cinema
The CastPedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Anna Torv, Nico Parker, Nick Offerman, Melanie Lynskey & More
GenreDrama, Thriller

The Last of Us Season 2?

One of the show’s creators, Craig Mazin, recently told Deadline that they had “gotten pretty far actually” when the WGA began their strike in early May. He said, “We were doing great,” noting that the writing for the pilot episode of season 2 had been finished before the strike. He then said, “We were doing great.”

As he continued, he said, “We are aware of what the entire season will consist of, and I was actually able to get to write and submit the first episode right before the deadline hit.” “So now I’m just kind of aimlessly going about, writing in my head, which I don’t consider to be scabbing.

We really want to try to get this show on the air when it’s supposed to be on the air, so I go for walks and think through the scenes so that I can basically shoot myself out of a cannon when the bell rings and this is over because the companies have finally come to their senses. When the last bell finally rings, it will all be done because the corporations will have seen the light.

The Last of Us Season 2

While acknowledging that her original release date estimates may need to be revised, Orsi told Deadline in May that it is “too early to tell” how the WGA strike would affect the premiere of HBO’s new drama. Her prediction was made before the SAG-AFTRA strikers joined the picket lines in July, severely delaying production.

“At this point, those shows that I’m looking to air wouldn’t necessarily be ready if this strike lasts six to nine months,” she said. That is, “if this strike lasts for six to nine months.” Yes, it is a really important issue, but I believe we will deal with it when we get there. Consequently, “yes, that is a significant query for us.”  Despite this, according to Mazin, a release in 2025 is still possible.

Since we had to wait a little longer than usual to time production with the weather, I believe we had more leeway than usual. We have a little more wiggle room than usual because of this. Because we spend so much time outside, we had a schedule that, for some reason, has not been immediately upset. However, time is running out, and as he put it, “it’s obvious that we can’t keep to the dates we originally set because they’d be impossible.”

She warned that if the strikes went on for much longer, “we would be forced to push,” which would be bad for everyone involved. The network people who are here with us on the ground, and everyone else who is really doing the work, just want to solve this issue as soon as possible, in my opinion. Every single one of us is eager to go back to work. Keep your fingers crossed, will we?

The Cast & Crew

After seeing the first season of “The Last of Us,” several viewers accurately predicted that Ellie (played by Ramsey) would be recast for the second. In the five years between the game’s first and second halves, the protagonist grows up. Extremely unlikely, as HBO has made no public statements suggesting they plan to replace Ramsey.

In the first season, Ellie is just 14, but come September, Ramsey will be 20. Viewers have come to trust that Ramsey can convincingly portray an older version of herself (and continue to be the show’s best performer) because of this.  For the second season of The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal is expected to return as Joel.

Does The Last of Us Season 2 Have a Trailer?

Due to the late January announcement of a second season, production on that season has not yet started, and we probably won’t get a real look at it until far into post-production. However, it seems like production on the second season of the programme might begin sooner rather than later. Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel, did not provide many specifics about Ellie and his return during a recent interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, but he did say that “there is a chance” that production on Season 4 may begin later this year, in 2023.

The Last of Us Season 2 Release Date

When Will “The Last of Us” Season 2 Air, and What will it consist of?

According to a January story from The Hollywood Reporter, the release of the first video game in the The Last of Us franchise would coincide with the finish of the show’s first season. It has been theorised that the second season would centre on the game’s sequel, The Last of Us Part II, but any more details would reveal crucial plot points.

While Mazin told Collider in January that the game’s second chapter would likely “take us more than a season to tell,” implying the possibility of more renewals, both creators have made it plain that they will not stray from the story the game generates.

Mazin said, “Our ambition is to tell the story that exists, as best we can, in a different medium,” to which Druckmann replied, “This will be as many seasons as required to reach that ending, and no more.”


Since much of the action in the second season takes place in the Pacific Northwest, the production schedule doesn’t have to be as rigid as it was for the first, as Orsi pointed out.

The Last of Us may still be able to meet its 2023 shooting schedule and 2025 release date if the guild strikes are settled swiftly.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Is Ellie returning for The Last of Us Season 2?

Instead of casting a new Ellie, the show will bring back Bella Ramsey.

Will there be The Last of Us season 3?

The Last of Us Part 3 will, at least partially, reportedly follow a fresh cast of survivors, as claimed by Twitter user DanielRPK. It has been rumoured that the five survivors would make their home in a Victorian mansion on the outskirts of the destroyed city.

What girl does Ellie like?

The Last of Us: Part Two will recall that one of the game’s main characters, Dina, falls in love with Ellie before setting off on a dangerous mission.

Did Ellie end up forgiving Joel?

In The Last of Us, yes Ellie end up forgiving Joel.