Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online LIVE 2024

If you want to track the phone of your kid or spouse without their knowledge, you should look for cell phone tracking apps. Mobile number tracker sites and apps help users monitor every unsuspecting phone of individuals. Here, you will know and get a detailed review of a few of the trace mobile number current location online, live location or best mobile number tracker apps with their features in detail.

Mobile Number Tracker helps you in many ways, you can find out the current location of anyone in your friends, family members. With the help of this 6 best trace mobile number current location online tool, you can find out the name of the network, circle, user and state. This tracker will not give you the exact location or any kind of privacy or personal information.

Some mobile tracker apps can help you to give information like number, country, location, mobile type, connection type, gps location. Remember you cannot trace anyone’s personal data.

What is Mobile Number Tracker?

Trace Mobile Number

A mobile phone tracker app allows you to monitor the location of a mobile phone. You may use the app for recovering your stolen or lost tablet or phone. You also use mobile tracking sites or applications to keep eye on your children. In particular, mobile trackers let you view every detail and location of a kid’s mobile device, like internet searches, call history, social media messages, and many more.

You can use the phone number tracker to get the latest location details in india. This can prove to be very helpful if your phone is stolen or you need to check the live location of someone you know. Trace mobile number current location online service is absolutely free, for this you do not have to pay any kind of hidden charges.

Remember this will not give you the exact location of mobile number. If you are trapped in an emergency, then you can take the help of cyber cell and file a report in cyber crime.

Mobile Number Tracker Available Free

The phone number tracker gives you the results of location, state, operator name, and google map address. This mobile number tracker is working well in some states of India, which includes: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Puducherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal.

Benefits of Trace Mobile Number Live Location

  • Trace JIO mobile number location, name & address
  • Trace the live location of the mobile number after it is stolen.
  • Trace Airtel mobile number online
  • BSNL Mobile Number Tracker, Location & More
  • Vodafone Idea Vi Mobile Number Tracker India
  • Trace Mobile number location with address
  • Trace Mobile number current location online free
  • Mobile number tracker with google map

List of Best Mobile Number Tracker in India

Mobile TrackerKey FeatureDownload
mSpyTrace Mobile Number Location1,000,000 Downloads
XNSPYPhone Number Trace with Address1,500,000 Downloads
uMobixTrace Mobile Number Current Location3,000,000 Downloads
MobileSpy.atTrace Phone Live Location500,000 Downloads
CocospyMobile Number Tracker Google map1,000,000 Downloads
HoverwatchFree Tracker Mobile Phone in India2,000,000 Downloads


mobile number tracker

mSpy is a parental control and mobile tracking app compatible with every iOS version and most Android devices. The app has innovative features, including encrypted data access and website blocking. Key features of the app include:

  • Monitoring of social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Keyword alerts
  • Deleted messages recovery
  • Screen Recorder
  • Removal of any blocked app, website, or contact


phone number tracker

XNSPY is a single and all-rounder platform to monitor iOS and Android devices. Almost every individual may use it for parental controls and monitoring employees. The app gives real-time updates on different activities and possesses recording in-app screen abilities for every popular Instant Message app. XNSPY also supports Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, and many more. Key features of the application are:

  • To monitor keystrokes and WhatsApp
  • Offers instant alerts based on the use of particular words in an SMS, phonebook, and email
  • XNSPY Analytics provides insights on the top 5 callers, top 10 visited websites, and similar others.
  • The app offers online and emails activities, GPS location, recording of phone calls, and other surroundings.

XNSPY facilitates effortless installation and comes with a user-friendly type of control panel. Accordingly, you may use it and monitor different devices by following a few simple steps. The app has both offline and online monitoring abilities in real time.


trace mobile number current location

uMobix tracking app is for all looking for an advanced phone tracker app to monitor everything that goes on on their kids’ tablets or smartphones in real time. The app supports iOS and Android devices and can monitor a minimum of 30 social media platforms. Common features of the application include the following:

  • Allows easy setup and usability while providing real-time updates
  • Provides the duration, timestamps, and caller details along with providing details on outgoing and incoming calls
  • Monitors received messages, sent messages, and deleted SMSs
  • Other than details on real-time location, uMobix highlights the history of frequently visited sites or frequently used apps
  • Ability to log everything typed by a user, including passwords and keystrokes.

trace mobile number current location online is an excellent smartphone monitoring app for businesses, schools, and parents. It remains undetectable and provides easy real-time monitoring of connected Smartphone devices. also saves your communication and works as a platform equipped with a key logger and a live dashboard. The tool lets you spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Live GPS. It may retrieve the deleted messages and provides approximately 42 unique features. Common features of app include:

  • The ability of multi-phone over to a maximum of 2000 devices
  • Possesses compatibility with almost every type of social media platform
  • Tracks every minor detail of your target phone, like contacts, calls, photos, and messages
  • Comes with a Wi-Fi logger and a location tracking program
  • Secures the data of your target phone based on European data law.


mobile number tracker live location

Cocospy provides a free demo to allow users in gauging the app’s features and usability. It relays every information it spies based on a secure channel and highlights it to you based on a comprehensive and visual web dashboard. Starting from here, you may spy on various activities of a person on social media apps, like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. You may even track every outgoing and incoming call with attached timestamps. One can also monitor the received and sent messages, including the deleted messages.

Other than that, the Cocospy app lets you track the location of a target phone via real-time GPS technology and SIM card. Key features of the app are:

  • Tracking of browser history
  • Call and SMS tracking
  • Spying on social apps
  • Geo-fence alerts

Cocospy is a highly demanding app admired by users based on its feature-packed system and simplicity. The app comes with an easy-to-navigate monitoring dashboard online. It provides you with a bird’s eye view of everything that takes place on your device.


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Hoverwatch is a free tracking app, which allows you to sign up free of cost. The tracking app has multiple functions to perform text tracking, phone history tracking, and social media tracking. It provides free functions of a keylogger to register each of the pressed keyboard buttons. It is one of the hidden tracking apps and is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Android. Common features of the app are;

  • Possess front camera photo and captures photo automatically every time whenever the target device unlocks the screen
  • An SMS tracker to view every MMS and SMS message, that the target phone sent or received
  • Tracks audios, videos, and photos shared during Facebook conversations
  • Ability to record location, call audio, and SMS
  • Comes with a Geolocation tracker to inform you of the target phone location based on cell towers, Wi-Fi signals, and GPS
  • Hoverwatch provides an online account to let you view the target phone’s recorded data.

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Queries on Trace Mobile Number Current Location Free

What is a mobile phone tracking app?

A mobile phone tracking app or site monitors the location of a target mobile phone. You may install the app on your tablet device or Smartphone for real-time monitoring. The app may send alerts to various designated numbers while dealing with emergencies.

What is the range of mobile phone tracker apps?

Any mobile phone tracker app determines the location of a target phone within an area of approximately ¾ square miles.

What is the mechanism of a mobile phone tracker app?

The client’s handset software determines the mobile phone location of a target. The technique determines the handset location by placing its location via signal strengths or cell identification of the home and other nearby cells, which the app continuously send to the carrier. The tracker app uses the cell tower triangulation feature.

What are the features possessed by a mobile phone tracker app?

The mobile phone tracker app comes with many features. The basic feature is to monitor the device’s location. A few apps even come with innovative features, like call logs, geo-fencing, text messages, and social media tracking activities.

Why one should buy a mobile phone tracker app?

A mobile phone tracker app plays a vital role to track any stolen or lost phone. Besides, you may use the tracker app for monitoring your elderly parent’s or kids’ locations.

What is the function of Geo-fencing in the mobile number tracker app?

The geo-fencing feature informs users of the tracked target phone instantly and its tracking ability may go beyond a mentioned boundary. The feature makes sure of the safety fo your elderly relatives and kids.