Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat (Best Ways) 2024

Snapchat is much more than a camera lens app or a messaging app, as many of us use it to get its funny new lenses and filters. The uninitiated Snapchat lens option may transform a user’s face or the world around him with the help of special effects. Today, the butterfly lens has become the latest Snapchat lens to grab the attention of almost every phone user. If you have thought to try the latest butterflies lens on Snapchat, you should look for easy ways to use it, as shared in our blog post.

Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

Butterflies lens is an alternative Snapchat lens, where the filter performs its functions by detecting a face. Here, you may see many butterflies flying across your face. As the filter becomes trending, you will find many butterfly filters in your app. However, the Paper Butterfly lens available under the username of jp pirie has become the fuzz. This is an easy-to-use filter like any other filter present on Snapchat.

Explore Butterflies Lenses on Snapchat – https://www.snapchat.com/explore/butterflies

Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

Obtain a Snapchat Lens Link

If you want to get a butterfly lens by using a Snapchat lens link, you should require your friends on Snapchat, who already has butterfly lens saved in their profiles. Later, you should follow the mentioned steps to unlock the lens:

  • Launch the Snapchat application on your mobile phone.
  • Open your friend’s inbox, who has used butterfly lenses before.
  • Ask the same user to visit the butterfly lens and choose Share.
  • Doing so will copy the link to the other user’s clipboard and request to send the same to you.
  • Click on the link received from your friend to open the lens in your app automatically.

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All Snapchat Butterflies Lenses 2024

Butterflies LensLenses Link
Purple Butterflies LensUnlock Purple Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Summer Butterflies LensUnlock Summer Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
ButterFlies Lens Ish FaqUnlock Snapchat ButterFlies Lens Ish Faq
Cyber Butterflies LensUnlock the Cyber Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Butterflies LensesUnlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Yellow Butterflies LensUnlock Yellow Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Pink Butterflies LensUnlock Pink Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Pretty Butterflies LensUnlock Pretty Butterflies Lenses
Blue Butterflies LensUnlock Blue Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Butterflies Collage LensUnlock the Butterflies Collage Lens on Snapchat
Flying Butterflies LensUnlock Flying Butterflies Lens
Cute Butterflies LensUnlock Cute Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Glowing Butterflies LensUnlock Glowing Butterflies Lens
Sparkle Butterflies lensUnlock the Sparkle Butterflies lens
Colourful Butterflies lensUnlock the Colourful Butterflies lens on Snapchat
Butterflies Makeup LensUnlock Butterflies Makeup Lens
Chromatic Butterflies lensUnlock Chromatic Butterflies lens
Black Butterflies LensUnlock the Black Butterflies Lens on Snapchat
Orange Butterflies LensUnlock the Orange Butterflies lens

Scan the Snapcode QR Code

Snapcode refers to a QR code, which varies according to the lens. If you want to unlock your butterfly lens by scanning the QR code of Snapcode, follow the mentioned steps:

  • Open the Snapchat app on your mobile phone.
  • Open the camera of your app and scan the uploaded QR code or image that refers to the Snapcode.
  • Place the Snapcode in your camera frame to click pictures.

In this way, Snapchat will scan the code automatically and open the respective link.

Search for Lenses on Your Snapchat Filter

If both the above methods do not work, you should search for a butterfly lens on your Snapchat Filter.

  • Open the app of Snapchat on your device.
  • Open the camera on your app and click on the Search option displayed on the top left of your device.
  • Type Butterfly Lens in the device Search bar to get many results related to butterfly lens filters.
  • Click Explore lenses to use your preferred butterfly lens.

Use the Studio of Snapchat Lens

Studio of Snapchat Lens is also an effective way to access and unlock Butterflies’ mood lens in Snapchat. For this, you should follow the mentioned steps:

  • Open your Snapchat app and visit the section of Snapchat Lens Studio.
  • Get different lenses designed by Snapchat users.
  • Scroll down to search for the butterfly lens present in the carousel of different lenses.
  • Select Snapcode to save the search filter.

Unlock Butterflies from the Snap of Other Users

If you get a Snap from the story of any other user, you may obtain it as well. The steps to follow are:

  • Use the Butterflies lens on Snapchat filter present on the Snap and tap on Try New Button. You may even swipe up to choose the lens.
  • Once you access Butterflies lens, you may capture images with it.

Look for Butterflies Lens Filter on Your Snapchat

Look for the Butterflies lens filter available on Snapchat to use it. The steps for this include the following:

  • Open Snapchat and tap on the option Search next to your profile.
  • Type Butterfly lens present on your app search bar.
  • Select the filter available from the snaps in the given results.
  • Add Butterflies filters to your Snapchat profile.

Use Camera Roll to Unlock Snapchat Butterflies Lens

Unlocking the Snapchat Butterflies lens by using a camera roll is like the method of scanning a QR Code or Snapcode. In this case, you only should open your camera roll in the Snapchat app and scan the Snapcode QR code of your lens. Doing so will add the butterfly lens to your existing collection.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

Should I follow any rules to use Snapchat Lenses?

Every lens in Snapchat consumes at least 150 MB of RAM with a zipped lens of about 8 MB. Besides, your phone memory will count ML models separately with a maximum limit of 10MB.

For how much time any Snapchat lens will last?

The lens will remain within the carousel of your app for about 48 hours once you unlock it. However, the app resets 48 hours once another Snapchat user acts on the lens.

How users may find their favorite Snapchat snaps?

Users should tap on the icon displayed at the left of their Camera app. Doing so will provide the memories section to view each of the favorite snaps.

How to uninstall the Butterfly filter on Snapchat?

Open the butterfly lens feature on your Snapchat and select the ‘I’ button present at the top of your device screen. In this way, you will get a popup with several menus. Tap on the option showing Remove Lens to remove the lens from your Snapchat app.