Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate? 8 Solutions to Fix it!

Fix Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate: There are multiple notifications, text messages, and voicemails pinging constantly at you from your smartphone. It seems to be doing a lot more than usual, but why? Is this something you are more likely to see on your Android phone!

It is obvious that nobody enjoys being interrupted by a seemingly random phone vibration while minding their own business.

Overall, everybody has experienced this perplexing phenomenon at some point or another, just like a phone making a noise without an accompanying notification. But if you experience it consistently, what should you do? Here are few solutions of Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate.

Fix Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate

How to Fix Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate?

The vibrations on your phone could be caused by background processes, updates to your Android, iOS system, or software problems.

You might have your phone set to vibration only. As long as the switch is orange, Silent Mode is active and all your sounds are silently vibrating as you listen. It is important that this switch on the side of your iPhone is grey. Select “ringing/silent” from the ‘sound mode’ menu under Settings > Sound and Vibration.

For some people, changing the position of the cell phone reduces phantom vibrations. The vibration can also be turned off, the ringtone can be changed, or a different device can be used entirely.

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Check your Notifications

  • You must investigate the source of a vibration when your phone vibrates unexpectedly. It is possible to determine whether a specific event caused the vibration by checking the notification panel on your phone.
  • If you are able to determine the service that is associated with the notification, you are able to gain insight into what has caused the vibration and if necessary, take the appropriate action. Aside from that, you can also customize the notification settings.
  • By doing this, vibration alerts can be tailored to meet your preferences. As a result, you can tailor these settings to ensure that you receive important notifications when your phone vibrates.

Force Start the Android Device

To resolve the Android phone vibrates for no reason issue, the second, and most obvious solution is to restart your device. While the process of restarting varies slightly for each device, it is generally the same.

  • For instance: If you own a Samsung device, you will need to press and hold both the side button and volume down button simultaneously until a power menu appears; remove both buttons when the power menu appears, then tap on “Restart”.
  • You can now start using your Android device after re-booting it.

Disable App Alert Vibrations

There are a few apps that allow you to activate vibration mode when you receive a notification. In this case, you should turn it off and check it.

  • On your Android, go to Settings and select ‘Apps’.
  • Select the ‘App Management’ option under Apps.
  • Tap the app that you recently installed. Tap on ‘manage notifications’ on the App information screen.
  • Click the ‘notification management’ button, you can turn off ‘Vibrate’ by turning the toggle off.

Update the Android System

Software updates are intended to fix bugs reported by users and to improve stability by constantly upgrading the system as it runs. There is a known glitch in older Android versions that may cause the phone to vibrate without reason, so make sure you update your Android.

  • In the Settings menu, choose ‘software update’.
  • Next, click on ‘download updates manually’ if there is an update available.

Perform a Hardware Check

The software is not always to blame for phone vibrations that occur randomly. Occasionally, it is caused by hardware problems, such as a malfunctioning vibration motor.

As it’s difficult to diagnose hardware problems, the best thing to do is run a diagnostic tool and make sure the motor is working.

Otherwise, you may wish to visit a local repair shop and ask them to investigate the problem for you if it is not fixed. There is a good chance they will find and fix the hardware issue.

Virus-Infected or Spam Websites

Most malicious websites show ads to generate revenue, so if you have visited some of these sites recently, you’ve probably seen many ads.

In fact, that’s the exact problem; when you hear your phone vibrating for no apparent reason, open any web browser and look for tabs that are open. This is the cause.

This is why your phone vibrates if any of those websites remain open in a tab for a long period of time.

Factory Reset your Android Device

Factory resetting your Android phone will resolve the problem if nothing worked. But remember your device will lose all data and settings if you perform a factory reset.

A factory reset will restore your Android to its original state. It is therefore a good idea to back up your important files before resetting your Android.

  • Click on ‘system settings’ under the Settings app
  • Tap on the ‘Back up and Reset’ option in the system settings.
  • Choose Reset Phone from the next screen.
  • Next, tap on the ‘erase all data’ option on the Reset Phone screen.

It’s that simple! Here’s how you can restore your Android to factory settings.

Seek Professional Help

Professionals, such as technicians and customer service representatives, can be helpful in the process. An expert can correctly identify the root cause of a problem based on their experience, knowledge, and diagnostic tools.

During troubleshooting, they can analyze the software and hardware components of your phone in detail. It is their expertise that allows them to assess a situation in more depth and, therefore, to provide more accurate solutions to the problem.

Wrapping up!

Overall, it is safe to rest assured that you need not worry if your phone has been randomly vibrate! As well as some possible explanations, there are inexpensive solutions you can try. Follow these solutions given above and hopefully your problem will be solved!