Windows 10 Student Discount – Get Upto 95% Discount on Windows 10

Windows 10 Student Discount

Windows 10 is one of the most widely used operating system, with the consistent progress in the technological sector, laptops and computers have become very much essential for every Student. However, a few of the candidates cannot afford to buy costly devices and paying for the operating system sometimes become a burden for them.

However, you may purchase Windows 10 operating system at discounted price if you are a college student in any of the cities of the United States. Only you have to meet certain eligibility criteria you get Windows 10 student discount and enjoy each of the features affordably.

Windows 10 Student Discount

Eligibility Criteria to Get Windows 10 Student Discount

Microsoft Windows 10 offers the Discount feature not only for college students but also for the faculty members, teachers and parents. Only you have to meet the following eligibilty criteria to get Discount on Windows 10.

  • Candidate must be of 13 years old and enroll as one of the K12 students.
  • Applicant may be a college Student or a K12 student
  • Any University student enrolled in a 4-year program, or in 2-year program in a college and in any type of vocational school.

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Does Microsoft Have a Windows 10 Student Discount?

Microsoft does not actively run the Student Discount. You will not get any active windows 10 student discount from Microsoft at this time. If you want discount for students from Microsoft Store itself then you can look at their Microsoft education product of windows. There you can get up to 10% discount.

In such a situation, you have a better option to choose an alternative method, there are some sites on educational software that are offering on windows 10, you can get up to 95% discount and amazing deals from there.

They also offer a plan for windows 10 users, students can get the windows 10 operating system for absolutely free. Microsoft is an officially active partner of this platform.

Other Student Discount Offers you can Apply for:

Steps to Get Windows 10 Student Discount

If you want to buy Windows 10 I.e. a product of Microsoft at discounted rate, you must visit the Military and Discount portal belonging to the Microsoft store for completing the verification process. You have to follow the mentioned steps to get Windows 10 with Student Discount from Microsoft.

Step 1: You have to visit the website of Microsoft Windows 10 Discount and log in by using your account. However, if you do not have any account, you must create a new one.

Microsoft Windows 10 Student Discount

Step 2: You have to click on the option of Shop Now.

Step 3: You have to complete the necessary on-screen instructions, complete the process of Student Verification and click OK.

Step 4: On doing so, you will find many options on the left side of the screen. Here, you have to choose Student Deals.

Step 5: Search for the software or hardware product you want and add it to the cart.

Now, you may check Windows 10 at the discounted rate.

Note – You must possess a valid Student ID to fulfill your eligibility for completing the buying process. Otherwise, you have to pay complete price associated with the respective product.

Alternative Way to Get Windows 10 Student Discount

If you fail to complete your verification process from the Microsoft website, you have to look for alternatives to get Windows 10 Student Discount. For instance, you may refer OnTheHub website, which gives plenty of discounts to students on Windows 10 and other essential education software programs. To get the Discount, you have to follow easy steps, which include the following:

Step 1: You have to visit the official website of OnTheHub, where you find a link officially tied up with Microsoft Windows to give benefits to students.

How to Get Windows 10 Student Discount

Step 2: You may navigate from different software programs available on the respective official website or use search for finding Windows 10. You simply have to click on it to buy it.

Windows 10 Student Offer

Step 3: You have to click on the option of Check Eligibilty and enter the necessary details. Here, the website will ask whether you are eligible to buy the product without any pay. Here, the details are details of the name, school or college and similar others.

Microsoft Windows 10 Discount

Step 4: If you meet the Eligibility criteria, OnTheHub website allows you to create your account. In this way, you may avail of plenty of discounts. You should possess a valid .edu address to complete your registration.

Windows 10 for Students

Step 5: You may buy Windows 10 at free of cost or by paying a discounted price.

An interesting aspect of OnTheHub website is that it gives 100 percent discount to students want to buy Windows 10. Besides students, faculty members of any registered university or school may get discounts on Windows 10 operating system.

How Windows 10 Student Discount is Beneficial for Students

You get plenty of benefits by getting Windows 10 Student Discount by Microsoft. You may avail of Microsoft Office 365 without paying any amount. Other than this, you may get plenty of discounts for a wide range of Microsoft products. The Discount also allows you to get plenty of Windows 10 premium features, which you may otherwise available at a huge cost.

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