Anime Adventures Codes Wiki (April 2024) X Gems & Rewards

Roblox always comes with varieties of anime games according to the favorite shows of its users. One such game is Anime Adventures. It is a type of tower defense game that allows players to bring every powerful character together to defend the base. Gomu is the developer of this anime experience and it is a massive hit in 2022. We even expect Anime Adventures to stay popular for a long period with the addition of more raids and updates.

Anime Adventures Codes

Roblox Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is a type of tower defense game focused on several anime characters and diverse stories. For instance, you may defend the Hidden Leaf Village, Namek, and related notable locations present in your anime. The soldiers form the warriors, who belong to different anime, such as Sasuke, Sakura, and Krillin. The game allows you to live your dream and create a team with many characters inspired by several anime. The main objective of the anime is to save the entire world. As you handle ongoing challenges, you may collect many new allies to move on the waves of several dangerous foes.

However, collecting allies may need some time, as you should buy them with Gems. In this situation, you need a guide to get help. Once you receive the gems or money, you use them to upgrade your warriors or soldiers and place most of them within your hot slots.

Anime Adventures Codes

Anime Adventures Codes refer to free rewards given by Gomu developers. Players may redeem such rewards for gems to buy many Roblox game-related updates and other unique items. Moreover, players may use their free rewards to redeem Summon Tickets to obtain many powerful towers in Anime Adventures. If you want to win free rewards, you should check a few relevant websites to get the latest Anime Adventures Codes.

Active Anime Adventures Codes April 2024

ENTERTAINMENTRedeem Code for X GemsAdded on 22 April 2023
HAPPYEASTERRedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 9th April 2023
VIGILANTERedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 31st March 2023
GOLDENSHUTDOWNRedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 18th March 2023
GOLDENRedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 18th March 2023
SINS2Redeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 5th March 2023
SINSRedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 26 February 2023
UCHIHARedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 13th February 2023
CLOUDRedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 4th February 2023
HERORedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 28th January 2023
CHAINSAWRedeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 13th January 2023
NEWYEAR2023Redeem Code for X RewardsAdded on 2nd January 2023
DAILYFIXRedeem Code for X GemsAdded on 1st January 2023

Expired Anime Adventured Codes

  • FIRSTRAIDS – Redeem Code for X Rewards (Added on 24th July 2022)
  • DATAFIX – Redeem Code for X Rewards (Added on 17th July 2022)
  • MARINEFORD – Redeem Code for X Gems (Added on 15th July 2022)
  • TWOMILLION – Redeem Code for X Gems (Added on 5th July 2022)
  • SORRYFORSHUTDOWN – Redeem Code for X Rewards (Added on 4th July 2022)
  • CHALLENGEFIX – Redeem Code for X Rewards (Added on 4th July 2022)
  • GINYUFIX – Redeem Code for X Rewards (Added on 4th July 2022)
  • RELEASE – Redeem Code for X50 Gems

Steps to Redemption of Anime Adventures Codes

  • Launch the tower defense game Anime Adventures.
  • Visit the circle highlighting CODES in the beginning area that has big floating letters highlighting CODES.
  • Once you go inside, you will get a text box.
  • Write the Anime code in your text box.
  • Click Redeem to receive your rewards.

Note: If your Anime Adventures Codes do not work, it may be because of the following-

  • You have entered the code incorrectly
  • You have selected an expired code

In the first case, you should copy the code and paste it exactly in the same manner from the code list. On the other hand, if have selected an expired code, you should check soon to see whether you may add anything else.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What are genre and subgenre codes in Anime Adventures?

7424 is the main genre code to access any content of Anime Adventure. However, you may even find many subgenres to gain easy access. Accordingly, the Adult Anime code is 11881, the Anime Comedies code is 9302, and the Anime Action code is 2653.

How many gems require for each summons in the game of Roblox Anime Adventures?

Users need 50 gems for every summon to pull four rarities, which are mythic, legendary, epic, and rare.

What is the significance of gold currency in Anime Adventure?

Gold is the second significant currency in Anime Adventure. It allows players to buy many powerful items. These include Star Fruits, XP Food, Raid Tickets, and Summon Tickets. You may even use the gold currency to create Relics and Evolution items. You may earn Gold by selling units via different events and completing the challenge of Extra Gold.