Anna Delvey Net Worth 2024: Income, Salary, Netflix & More

Anna Delvey is a quite popular name among Europeans. Well, she got into the limelight after the fraud accusation. After that, everyone became curious about Anna Delvey net worth. Well, she became a part of the news after this. Moreover, she also dragged other celebrities.

That’s the reason why she got the attention of the public during that time. In fact, some people are still curious about knowing her story. If you are one of them, we can help you out. Before knowing her self-destructive story, we have to dig into her past.

In this case, we will share some crucial information regarding her previous life, career, and more. Plus, we will also share the details about her Netflix series. Keep reading to know more. Let’s get started.

Anna Delvey Net Worth

Anna Delvey

As we noted before, the first thing you have to do is know the basics of Anna Delvey. Well, Anna Delvey is also popular as Anna Sorokin, who was born on 23rd January 1991. She was born in a working-class family in the Soviet Union.

Her mother had a small convenience store while her father was a truck driver. When Sorokin was only 16 years old, her family relocated to Germany. Her father became an executive at a transport company.

Delvey attended a Catholic school named the Bischöfliche Liebfrauenschule Eschweiler where she was struggling to learn German. In June 2011, she attended Central Saint Martins in London. However, she dropped out and moved back to Germany.

Now, comes the highlight of Anna Delvey net worth when she relocated to Paris in 2012. Sorokin took her mother’s maiden name ‘Delvey’ to start her career. Well, she started her journey by doing an internship in Paris.

Anna Delvey Net Worth: Career

Well, as everyone knows Anna Delvey started her career as a model. Plus, she became quite popular in her modeling career. As a result, she earned a decent amount of money being a successful model.

Later, she entered the real estate industry by being an interior designer. Hence, she also earned success as an interior designer. However, the grass wasn’t green always. She desired more and that’s why it landed in major trouble.

Anna Delvey Net Worth & Salary

Between 2013 to 2017, Delvey duped many friends by saying lies. In fact, she used to tell her friends that she was the heiress of her father’s company. In reality, her father was only a truck driver.

Delvey used to be a very wealthy woman and used to be in the spotlight. According to an official report, Delvey’s estimated net worth is $25 million. However, most of her wealth got seized when she was arrested. And she can’t use her wealth right now.

Anna’s net worth was around $65 million in 2017. However, it started decreasing every year. Right now, her net worth is only $25 million. Let’s have a look at Anna Delvey net worth over years:

YearNet Worth
Net Worth in 2017$65
Net Worth in 2018$55
Net Worth in 2019$40
Net Worth in 2020$30
Net Worth in 2021$28
Net Worth in 2022$20

Fraud And The Fall

Well, it’s clear that Delvey played a self-destructive game that ruined her career. You can see, there was a time when success touched her feet. However, she wanted more wealth and attention.

Here, comes the fall story, when she started meeting wealthy and successful people. In fact, she got access to some most exclusive parties in the US. As per some sources, she was using reputed peoples’ names to her advantage.

Well, most of her friends believed that she wasn’t a genuine person. Because of her fake identity, Delvey was sentenced to two years. As we noted before, she was in the limelight after the fraud case.

Right now, Delvey has also been sentenced as she was arrested for the second time. She needs to spend in jail for at least six months and can’t access any financial system.


Anna Delvey’s story became very popular. That’s why Netflix acquired her story and featured in a six-episode series. Nellie Bowles wrote the story and the series premiered on 11th February.

Netflix focused on her journey as well and honored her for her hard work throughout her career. In fact, Netflix paid her $3,20,000 for the rights which she used for paying back her restitution.

Anna Delvey’s Lifestyle

By reading this article, you can understand her lifestyle. In simple words, Delvey was leaving a luxurious life. As we mentioned, she used to be a part of New York’s top parties. Simply put, Delvey was using others’ names in her fraud game.

When she was first arrested, people started talking about her a lot. Right now, she’s getting 15 minutes of fame with the Netflix series. On the other hand, people were giving her attention cause she was dragging other celebrities.

You can see there are so many things you have to know while exploring Anna Delvey net worth. We have covered all the details about the model. Still, if you want to know more, you can start your research. There are several resources available on the internet.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

What is the Salary of Anna Delvey?

According to a report, the estimated salary of Anna Delvey is around $6 million per year. However, she is sentenced right now. She has to spend at least six months in jail.

What is the net worth of Anna Delvey?

Delvey’s net worth decreased over years. As per the report, Anna Delvey’s current net worth is about $25 million. It was $65 million in 2017 when she became successful with her modeling and interior designing career.

How much did Anna Sorokin get money?

During the initial days, Anna used to fund her lavish lifestyle including multiple hotels. However, she was arrested after that. And now, she can’t get access to the financial system as she is staying in jail.

What is the age of Anna Delvey?

Anna Delvey was born in 1991. So, her current age is 32.

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