10 BEST Google Photos Alternatives 2023 (Free Storage)

Google Photos Alternatives

Google Photos is a highly demanding best cloud storage solution used to backup videos and photos. Powered by Google, Google Photos is set to update its storage policy. Accordingly, it will end its unlimited and free storage for the high quality of photos and videos right from the 1st of June 2021. Instead, it provides only 15GB of free cloud storage to store photos and videos. In this situation, you have to look for Google Photos alternatives. In this exclusive content, you will get a list of 10 Google Photos alternatives.

Google Photos Alternatives

List of 10 Best Google Photos Alternatives

Google Photos AlternativePricing & PlansFree Storage
Amazon Photos100GB Storage at $19.995GB Free Storage
Ice Drive150GB at $59.99FREE 10GB
Microsoft One Drive100GB at ₹140/Mo5GB Free Cloud
PCloud500GB Storage at $17510GB Free
NordLocker500GB at $3.99/Mo3GB Storage
Apple Cloud2TB Storage at ₹740/Mo5GB Free
Mega600GB Storage at $6.09/Mo50GB Free
Digi Box25TB Space at ₹999FREE 20GB Space
Adobe Creative Cloud₹760.00 Per Month2GB Free
FlickrUnlimited Storage at $5.991000 Photos/Videos

1. Amazon Photos

Best Google Photos Alternative

Amazon Photos is an excellent alternative to Google Photos. It offers plenty of features, like sharing, and editing. It even allows users to share photos with a maximum of 5 members of their family. If you already have your subscription to Amazon Prime, Amazon Photos will be a handy option. Amazon Photos is available in a bundle with your membership of Amazon Prime. On the other side, if you are a non-prime Amazon member, you have to pay approximately Rs 150 in a month to get 100GB storage.

2. Icedrive

Free Google Photos Alternative

Icedrive is a free cloud storage platform available online. It offers advanced cloud solutions to update, access, and manage your data effortlessly from every place you want. The app supports Twofish Encryption and encrypts everything at the side of the client without any data knowledge. You may store a maximum of 10GB of free data (photos and videos) on Icedrive.

3. Microsoft One Drive

Top Google Photos Alternative India

If you are a Microsoft user, you may use One Drive for saving photos and videos free online. This makes Microsoft One Drive an excellent alternative to Google Photos. You may even choose for Microsoft paid version, in which you get only 5GB of free storage. However, you have to pay Rs 140 per month to buy 100GB of storage plan without any other service offered by Microsoft.

4. PCloud

Google Photos Alternative Free Storage

PCloud is an online cloud storage platform to store your pictures and documents easily. With the help of this Google Photos alternative, you may share and manage your files privately. The reason is that PCloud comes equipped with a high level of AES encryption.

5. NordLocker

Google Photos Alternatives Unlimited Storage

NordLocker is also a powerful Google Photos substitute. It allows you to upload your videos and photos on the cloud. The application protects your stored data by using end-to-end encryption. Besides providing security, it is an easily usable tool available online. Moreover, NordLocker has a drag and drop type of interface to allow users to backup their photos easily.

If you select the free version of the app, you will get up to 3GB of cloud storage. On the other side, the premium version of NordLocker will give you a maximum of 500GB of cloud storage. For this, you have to pay $47.88 in one year.

6. Apple Cloud or Apple One

Alternatives to Google Photos

Apple users may look for any iCloud plans or bulk subscription services available under Apple One. Here, iCloud storage plans by Apple are available as Rs 749 to provide 2TB storage, Rs 219 to offer 200GB, and Rs 75 to provide 50GB only. On the other side, Apple One includes two different plans. These include Rs 365 per month to provide 200GB storage and Rs 195 in one month to offer 50GB storage.

7. Mega

Google Photos Alternatives 2021

Mega is also an excellent storage option available online and is an alternative to Google Photos. It is also available as a file hosting service for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. Mega provides 50GB of free storage space i.e. the highest storage prevailing in the market. The app uses the most effective encryption to files for uploading or downloading 1GB of data after every 6 hours.

8. DigiBoxx

Free Storage for Google Photos

DigiBoxx is a popular cloud storage platform in India. It provides 20GB of free storage space and supports Gmail integration. Furthermore, if we talk of security, DigiBoxx features end-to-end encryption. The application also offers the cheapest paid plans. Accordingly, you have to pay only Rs 30 in one month to get a 100GB of storage plan. On the other side, the cost of an annual plan will be Rs 360 and it gives a maximum of 5TB storage.

9. Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

Best Cloud Storage

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography is an advanced Google Photos alternative available in the market. The tool is perfect for every professional photographer and it costs $9.99 in one month.

An interesting aspect of the application is that it provides 20GB of cloud storage, which is sufficient to create a backup for a maximum of 4,000 JPEG files. Besides storage, professional photographers can get a few excellent cloud solutions powered by Abode. The plan is also available in the case of Adobe Photoshop for iPad and desktop so that you may edit your videos and photos by using a powerful photo editing tool.

10. Flickr

Unlimited Storage Alternatives to Google Photos

Flickr is a popular American-based video and image hosting platform. It allows you to store a maximum of 1,000 videos and photos without any cost. However, you have to handle a few in-app advertisements. If you want to store more than 1000 photos and videos on Flickr, you have to opt for a premium account.

Accordingly, you have to get a monthly plan of $6.99 to get unlimited storage without any advertisement and many more. A prime attraction of the mentioned Google Photos alternative is that it organizes photos in a tidy and neat social feed to save as private or public. Particularly, if you set your Flickr photos as public, your fellow photographers will get a chance to comment and follow your wonderful work.

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Depending solely on your underlying purpose, photos/videos you want to store, and your budget, you may choose a large number of Google Photos alternatives available over the internet. Therefore, with the right Google Photo alternative tool, you do not have to make any compromise on your photo or video qualities while storing online.

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