DigitalOcean Promo Code 2024 ($100, $200, $300) FREE Credit

Digital Ocean is a leading cloud platform across the world. It regularly offers free credit to new customers by using various DigitalOcean promo code 2024. However, every user of Digital Ocean has to follow certain steps to get the benefits of the promo codes.

You have to register an account and visit Billing or Settings.

After that, you should enter a particular digitalocean promo code or coupon code in the given field to receive a free credit of a minimum of $10. Moreover, you may use Digital Ocean free for two months and get a plan of 1GB memory with 25GB SSD and 1 CPU by paying only $5 per month on Digital Ocean.

DigitalOcean Promo Code

Digital Ocean Promo Code Today

ArticleDigitalOcean Promo Code 2024
Last Update4th April 2024
EligibilityFor All Users
Promo Code Value$10, $15, $100 Promo Code
BenefitsFree Digital Ocean Credits, Coupon Code & Offers
DigitalOcean Promo CodesSHIPITFAST10 & ACTIVATE10
Promo Code

Digital Ocean accepts payment via debit card and credit card. However, you may set any one of the two as your primary payment method. If your debit and credit cards are from India, you have to activate them to allow international transactions. You may use a few third-party providers, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Even though the platform accepts pre-payment by using PayPal, you may not use it as your prime method of payment. In contrast, the cloud platform does not accept prepaid cards, electrons, or virtual cards. You may add, remove, or modify payment methods from the Billing page present in the Payment method section of the website.

How to Apply DigitalOcean Coupon Code 2024

  • Sign up to create your new account at the official website of Digital Ocean.
  • Access the link from the website and confirm the email address.
  • Add the details related to your credit card.
  • Alternatively, you may use Pay Pal to deposit an amount of $5 in the website Billing section for verifying your account.
  • Enter the DigitalOcean coupon code to enjoy a minimum credit of $10 instantly.

DigitalOcean Promo Codes List (April 2024)

Promo CodeBenefits
ACTIVATE10Free $100 Credits
DO10Free $10 Credits
ALLSSD10Free $10 Credits for New Users
WP10New Users
DROPLET10$10 Free DigitalOcean Promo Code
DOPRODUCT15$15 Free DigitalOcean Promo Codes
BITNAMI$10 For New Account
DEPLOY10For Sign Up Code
FRANKFURTFree $10 for SSD Servers
DOPRODUCT15$15 Digital Ocean Credits

$100 Coupon Code to Receive Digital Ocean Free Credits

Every newbie of Digital Ocean may get a $100 free credit by using a valid coupon code. The credit remains valid for a maximum of 2 months. During this time, you may try all the services offered by the Digital Ocean cloud platform.

Coupon Code ListDetails
DigitalOcean Promo Code LinkGet $100 Free Credit in your Account using the Link.
PROMO CODEGet $15 Free Credits in Your Account
FRANKFURT$10 Free Credits in your Solid State Driver Server
DO10Free $15 in Your Account
LOWENDBOX$15 Free Credits every Month to Manage your Database
PHPDROPLETSpecial Offer for PHP Developers
SHIPITFAST10Free $10 Credits in Your Account
DROPLET10Free $10 Credits in Your DigitalOcean Droplet
BITNAMI$10 Worth Credit in Your DO Account
CODINGBLOCKSApply this for $10 Credits (For New Users)

How to Redeem DO $100 Free Credit

You have to follow the mentioned steps to redeem your free credit of $100.

1. Visit the official website of Digital Ocean and click on the banner that shows an Active Free Credit.

Digital Ocean Promo Code

2. Validate your free credit of $100 on the website sign-up page and register by using your email.

3. You also have to provide your valid credit card or payment from Paypal to activate the earned free credit.

4. Once you complete the signup process, you may view your free credits in the digital dashboard.

5. If you don’t see the link for free $100 credits, then you can also use the given DigitalOcean Promo Code List.

Note: Digital Ocean will not charge you anything until you finish your $100 free credit.

Free Credit of $35 from DigitalOcean Promo via Codeanywhere Site

You may also get free credit from Digital Ocean via the Codeanywhere website. For this, you should follow the mentioned steps:

1. Head to the official website of Codeanywhere and sign up to create your account. You may use your account to develop applications on cloud IDEs. It is available free of cost for basic usage and explores its unique features.

2. After signing up, the website will redirect you to its Editor page. You will also get the option of Digital Ocean while viewing the popup of Connection Wizard in the bottom and left area of the website.

3. Now, click on Digital Ocean and then on Get Coupon. The website will now highlight a digitalocean promo code of $25 credits. You have to copy the displayed coupon code to the clipboard.

4. In the last step, you should visit the website of Digital Ocean and signup to create your new account. The link will add an extra amount of $10 to your existing credit of $25. Once you sign up, you should visit Settings, Billing, and Promo code. Now, apply the copied coupon code from the previous step obtained from the website of

Note: If you do not receive the credit of $35 you may raise a ticket to the customer support team of Digital Ocean.

Services Offered by Digital Ocean Cloud Platform

Digital Ocean cloud platform allows users to get the following services related to hosting and developing cloud applications via free credits.

  • Droplets or virtual machines starting from a minimum of $5 monthly
  • Networking to provide load balancers, private networks, and firewalls
  • Storage to add a few extra volumes or storages to droplets
  • To set up a backup for root volumes and storage
  • Users willing to establish Kubernetes Clusters and deploy the respective applications should use the Kubernetes service by Digital Ocean.
  • Alternatively, Kubernetes powered by Digital Ocean allows you to use managed container registered services.
  • You may deploy managed Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, and similar others.

Therefore, Digital Ocean offers you plenty of free credits to its users. You only have to follow the systematic guidelines with terms and conditions to receive free credits.

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Queries on DigitalOcean Droplet Pricing Promo & Discount Code 2024

How can you get free credits from Digital Ocean?

You should register yourself by using a credit link of $100 to get free credits up to $100. However, you have to be a paid member to enjoy the service.

How many times can I apply the promo code?

You may apply or redeem the coupon code only one time and a single code is applicable for a single user. Moreover, you have to apply for the coupon code immediately after you verify your account.

Where I can redeem DigitalOcean promo codes?

You may redeem or enter digitalocean promo codes available on the Billing page in the section of promo codes. Once you visit the section, you should enter the case-sensitive code in the respective promo field and click on Apply code.

What will happen when my earned credits expire?

Digital Ocean will charge you for its services if you exhaust the earned free credits from its website.

Do I have any restrictions on Digital Ocean services in the case of free credits?

No, as Digital Ocean allows you to use its services until you possess enough credits. However, the website will charge once your credits are exhausted.

Does Digital Ocean provide any refund related to its services?

No, the Digital Ocean website does not give refunds related to its services. However, if you already fund money in your account but do not use it on any of its services, you may request a refund from the DigitalOcean Promo Code customer support team.