YouTube Premium Redeem Code FREE Flipkart (April 2024)

YouTube Premium Redeem

YouTube Premium Redeem Codes 2024 – How to Redeem via Flipkart, Google Pay & Samsung

YouTube Premium Redeem Code, Youtube Premium Redeem Flipkart, Samsung Youtube Premium Free – Looking for How to Redeem YouTube Premium Free in 2024? YouTube Premium is a perfect choice for all entertaining videos & music lovers. Users who do not want any kind of interruption while using it must switch for it. But not every user is ready to spend the amount, and at that moment, they look forward to YouTube premium redeem codes.

If you also wish to engage in the same, here we are sharing different methods through which a user will be able to redeem the code, and using YouTube premium will become an easy thing for you to enjoying premium content for free. Let’s get started so that you can get the best in return.

ArticleYouTube Premium Redeem
AvailabilityCurrently Working
Last Update4th April 2024
Redeem RewardsYouTube Premium Free Subscription for 30 Days
BenefitsFree YouTube Premium, Music & Discount
FeaturesUse Google Play Redeem Code, Flipkart, Amazon
YouTube Premium Redeem

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform over worldwide. Which has secured 2nd place in the world’s top website after Google. Youtube provides us all types of video content whether it is news, entertainment, sports, gaming, education, motivation, facts etc. Youtube periodically promotes its user experience for which it makes easy & powerful features. Today we are talking about a feature one of them, “YouTube Premium” or, say, Youtube Red.

YouTube Premium is a subscription based service offered by Youtube. The service will access you to watch ad-free content on youtube, you can also watch Youtube Original series, listen to premium music and also get more benefits in this subscription plan. To access the Premium Plan, you have to pay ₹139 per month or you can buy 3 months membership in just ₹399 using your credit/debit card or upi.

Benefits of YouTube Premium Redeem

Watch Ad-Free Videos – In Youtube Premium you will get to see Ads-free videos. Meaning you will not bother any kind of advertisement running a premium plan on YouTube. Such as Skip Ads, Banner Ads and Search Ads will get rid of all these while enjoying the youtube videos.

Download Videos to Watch Offline – You can download any youtube video and watch it offline. This proves to be needy for you when you are not connected to any network. To watch any video without internet, you can follow this steps.

  • Start Watching your videos on YouTube app.
  • Tap download button on video player.
  • Now you have to select Video quality.
  • Finally click on “Download” button to enjoy your videos offline.

Background Play – Play your favorite videos or songs while using other apps and when your screen is off.

YouTube Music Premium – You can also get access to youtube premium music. With youtube music premium you can enjoy millions of songs without ads, download your favorite music videos to watch offline, you can also use background play features for always playing while using other system apps, Turn on Audio only features to enjoy only music without watching videos.

YouTube Originals – Watch All YouTube Series, shows, seasons for free with some of the awesome youtube creators.

YouTube Premium Redeem from Flipkart

If you are a Flipkart user, there is an advantage to you that you can easily redeem YouTube premium on Flipkart. For the same, the steps are as follows:-

YouTube Premium Redeem from Flipkart
  • First of all, you need to open the Flipkart application.
  • Login to Flipkart with your Flipkart plus id.
  • Now moved to the Flipkart zone.
  • Now open the claim exclusive rewards section.
  • YouTube premium redeem reward option is available, which is worth 150 super coins click on it.
  • The voucher will be received by the user there.
  • This will get visible in the offer zone.
  • Now move to the youtube premium free subscription page to redeem the offer.
  • Enter the activation code mention on it.
  • Click on try it free.
  • Add a payment option.
  • Now you are done, and youtube premium free subscription for 6 months gets activated.

YouTube Premium Redeem from Google Pay

Redeem codes are there available at Google pay as well. But it depends on chances whether you have got it or not. But if you want to get it, then follow the steps we are providing below:

Send a referral invite to your friend. For it, the steps are as follows-

  • Open the Google pay application.
  • Move to the payment option and hit on the new button.
  • Now scroll down and invite friends option is there click on it.
  • Then select the people you want to invite to GPay.
  • Now hit on the send button.

Within no time, people will be going to get the referral invite, and in the end, you will be able to the YouTube premium redeem code.

Full Details – Google Pay Referral Code Invite your Friends and Earn ₹201 Free

Use Google Play Redeem

If you have the YouTube premium code and you wish to redeem at, the steps are as follows.

YouTube Premium Redeem Google Play
  • First of all, you need to signup/login to your Google account.
  • Move to
  • Now enter the code available to you.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Now select what you would like to buy and move to Google Pay as a payment method.
  • Hit on the buy button to redeem the code.

In this way, you will be able to redeem the code easily.

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Redeeming YouTube premium trial on Samsung Phones

If you have new Samsung Galaxy series, then you are very fortunate this time. Now for all the Galaxy users, Samsung comes up with a free trial option.

YouTube Premium Redeem Code
  • First of all, you need to open the YouTube account, and it registers with your Google account.
  • Move to YouTube and click on the get YouTube premium option.
  • Here the option appears “try it free” click on it.
  • When you click on it on the next page, it will ask for payment details mention the same.
  • After mentioning the same, the free trial will get applicable.
  • You need to be sure that you cancel the subscription before the month, and otherwise, the amount will get debited from the same account.

In this way, the Samsung Galaxy users will be able to redeem their YouTube premium trial easily.

These are the ways through which a person will be able to redeem YouTube premium easily. We suggest you follow the steps carefully so that you can easily get available with all the benefits. What else you want when just by following simple steps, you will be able to use all youtube premium features by using youtube premium redeem guidelines. We are back again with another exclusive content on How to Get YouTube Free Premium Subscription, till then take care yourself and your loved ones.

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That’s all about YouTube Premium Redeem, this guide helps you to redeem your youtube premium code via flipkart method or google pay, google play method.

YouTube Premium Redeem Hack – FAQs

What Services YouTube Premium Offers?

Youtube Premium offers you Ads-free content, you will not have to face any kind of advertisement while watching your favorite youtube videos. Along with this, you can enjoy all the original shows on youtube. You can listen to premium music which you will be able to hear while using other apps with the help of background play feature.

Is YouTube Premium Free?

No, youtube premium is a platform based on subscriptions. To use this, you have to pay monthly ₹ 139 or you can choose ₹ 399 plan for 3 months. To use it for free, you can try a free trial period of youtube premium or with the help of flipkart super coins you will be able to buy this premium plan for free from flipkart app.

How to Download YouTube Premium Videos?

You can also watch your favorite videos or music without an internet connection, for this you can download it for offline watching. First open any video, then click on the download icon, select the video quality, finally tap on the download.