Dislyte Codes Wiki: FREE Dislyte Redeem Gift Codes (May 2024)

Everyone likes to get in-game items free by playing the Dislyte game. However, redeeming rewards becomes somewhat challenging. In this situation, you should learn the steps to obtain Dislyte codes displayed regularly by its developers on the official website and related social media platforms.

Dislyte Codes

Dislyte Codes

ArticleDislyte Gift Codes
DeveloperLilith Games
PlatformsiOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac
Last Updated3th May 2024
Gift CodesJuneGift, playdislyte, HeroStory & More
RewardsFree Ingame Items and Upgrades
Official Websitedislyte.farlightgames.com

Steps to Redeem Dislyte Codes on Android Device

  • Tap on the avatar showing Dislyte on the top left side of your Android device screen.
  • Visit the Settings followed by the Services tab.
  • Scroll down to the Game Services section to press Gift Code.
  • Check the list of codes and enter a particular redemption code.
  • By doing so, you will find each code rewarded to enter your bag automatically.

Steps to Redeem Dislyte Codes on an iOS Device

If you are using iPhone or an iOS device, you should follow many steps to redeem a Dislyte code. The reason is that iOS devices do not contain any gift code buttons. The instructions are as follows:

  • Open the link related to Dislyte code redemption in your internet browser.
  • Enter your Dislyte UID and click on the button “Send Code”.
  • Open the in-game mailbox connected to your Dislyte account, where you will receive a verification code.
  • Enter the same verification code and enter a login.
  • Enter the Dislyte gift code.
  • Return to your regular game and open your mailbox.

Dislyte Gift Codes May 2024

Redeem CodesRedeem Rewards
HeroStoryRedeem this code to get free rewards (Added on 1st July 2023)
JuneGiftGift code shared by anonymous on June 19th, 2023
playdislyteGift code added on 26th August 2022 (Permanent Code)

Note: If you are unable to get your Dislyte UID, you should click on the player icon present on the left side of your device. Here, you will get the number below the profile icon corresponding to your club and server name.

Redemption of Dislyte Codes from the Website

If you fail to use the built-in function to redeem Dislyre codes, you should redeem them directly from the website. The steps include the following:

  • Visit the Gift Redemption page associated with the Dislyte game.
  • Search for your player’s UID from the game avatar.
  • Enter the same UID and click Send Code.
  • The game will send the code directly into your in-game mailbox, which corresponds to your entered UID.
  • Search for the mailbox and then the received verification message from it. Here, you will get a verification code to enter for logging into the website.
  • Enter login and the code key.
  • Redeem the key to get your Gift.

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FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What are Dislyte codes?

Dislyte codes or gift codes are a few unique codes shared by game developers with players.

Where may Dislyte players get the in-game Dislyte codes?

Dislyte codes are available to players on their various social media handles or platforms. These include the game’s Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Discord channels. In some cases, game developers share the codes on the Dislyte website as well.

How do Dislyte’s in-game codes differ from cheat codes?

Dislyte in-game codes differ from cheat codes because they are available as rewards in-game items or currencies.

For how many times we can use a Dislyte code?

You may use a Dislute code only once by your player account. If you have redeemed any code and trying to redeem it again, the game will share a message that you have already redeemed your code.

Whether Dislyte codes are temporary or permanent?

Only a few Dislyte codes are permanent. However, some codes remain active for only a few days. A few codes stay limited to only a specific attempt.

Can I redeem a Dislyte code anytime?

You may redeem a permanent code anytime you want, as it is not time-sensitive. In contrast, time-limited or time-sensitive Dislyte codes stay limited only for a specific period. The reason is game developers set their dates and schedule. Hence, you cannot redeem such codes once their time limit is complete.