Dude Theft Wars Cheats: New Cheat Codes (April 2024)

Poxel Studios’ Dude Theft Wars is an Android open-world game. You take control of a guy named Jack in an open-world adventure where you may do things like drive cars, kill bad guys, and rob banks. Use these Dude Theft Wars cheats to spice up your game. Poxel Studios Games created this game, which can be played on Android and iOS. In this game, you can steal vehicles, rob banks, and do many other GTA-like activities. In addition, there are shortcuts available to speed up the process. This article will examine the Dude Theft Wars cheats and how to utilise them.

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars

Dude Theft Wars is a role-playing game similar to Grand Theft Auto. This game may be downloaded and played on Android handsets from the Google Play Store. Poxel Studios developed this video game. The fun aspect is that, much like Grand Theft Auto, DudeTheftWars has a lot of hacks, and the user can do anything they want in this open-world game.

One of the greatest open-world games out there, it has a unique blend of comedic and physics-based gameplay. An expansive open environment, stunning visuals, and exciting objectives are just some of the highlights of the game’s offline narrative mode.

Cheat Codes Of Dude Theft Wars Unlimited Money?

Like Grand Theft Auto, DudeTheftWars is an RPG. This game may be downloaded from the Google Play Store and played on Android devices. The team at Poxel Studios created this game. Due to its open nature, players are free to explore the map at their leisure, and much like Grand Theft Auto, Dude Theft Wars Cheats has a wealth of in-game hacks.

Dude Theft Wars All Cheat Codes List

  • Heytaxi – will bring cars near you
  • Dudekong – can explode the cars nearby
  • Nosforever – will increase the speed of your car
  • Suppahotslap – can fire your hand and kill people around you.
  • Night – Change the time to the night
  • Day – Change the time to Morning.
  • Evening – Change the time to Evening
  • Crowd 99
  • Dudebolt
  • Popoplz
  • Moongravity – helps to fly like gravity
  • Giantdudes – helps to grow like a Giant
  • Antdude – will make you small in size, like an ant
  • Heytaxi – will bring cars near you

How to Use Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Step 1: Launch the Dude Theft Wars app on your mobile device.

Step 2: To open your phone, click on the icon labelled Cheats.exe in the screen’s lower right corner.

Step 3: In the text box that reads “type secret cheat here @_@,” you can either enter in the cheat codes manually or copy and paste them from up top.

Step 4: To utilise the cheats, click the OK button.

Dude Theft Wars: Driving Guide

  • Get near a vehicle, such as a skateboard, automobile, or bike, and then press the door symbol to start driving.
  • Holding down this symbol [which is only present in certain vehicles] will allow you to employ nitro. Theft conflicts between dudes
  • It just takes a few seconds; all you have to do is tap on the symbol of a mobile phone, then choose Uber, and then watch an advertisement after that.
  • Theft Wars guide for players who are just starting. Let’s get started with the cheats and tricks for Dude Theft Wars.

Cheats and Strategies for Dude Theft Wars

  • You can put an end to folks with your baseball bat or explosives and then take their money.
  • Wander about the city, go inside shops and businesses, and then approach the cash registers to take the money.
  • If you go to the shop after tapping the mobile symbol on your screen, you may get free money by watching an advertisement film.
  • According to the latest update, You may earn money by executing dangerous actions. To get the flying vehicle, you must first choose Duber, then select Flying Vehicle, and last watch the advertisement film. After viewing, cast your gaze upward, and you’ll see a flying automobile. To utilise the flying car, you must first jump and immediately choose the “enter” option. Perform tricks (backflips, for example) to make money.

The most straightforward approach to taking care of the cops

After you have killed the innocent individuals, the police will attempt to apprehend you. The simplest approach to deal with all of them is to murder them; just enter the automobile and hit the police. After that, the police will stop trying to apprehend you. Do not overlook the opportunity to take the money.


Players (dude) are looking for cheat codes for Dude Theft Wars, a sandbox game with an open world in which players take on the character of Jack and are searching for them. Players assume the role of Jack in this game. The similarities between this game and Grand Theft Auto might be one of the reasons for the game’s meteoric rise in popularity.

FAQs: Most Asked Question

Does the video game Dude Theft Wars include any secret codes or cheats players may use?

There are, in fact, cheat codes for Dude Theft Wars, so don’t worry about that.

What kind of game Dude Theft Wars is?

The role-playing game DudeTheftWars is an open-world RPG.

Who is the creator of Dude Theft Wars?

Pixel Studios is the company that is responsible for developing Dude Theft Wars.

If you want to play Dude Theft Wars, where can you buy it?

The Google Play Store now offers The Dude Theft Wars for download.

Is an Android version of Dude Theft Wars accessible to download?

You can play Dude Theft Wars on your Android device.