FREE Xbox Gift Card Codes [Updated] 50+ New Redeem Code 2023

Xbox Gift Card Codes and redeem codes have always remained the two best ways to purchase Xbox devices and to extend the existing Xbox subscriptions, like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Box.

Xbox gift card codes refer to 25 characters length codes. These codes contain a combination of letters and numbers. Moreover, redeem codes follow a format of 5×5 or five blocks containing five characters. Redeem codes in Xbox may be physical or digital cards, which you may buy from any trustworthy retailer or Microsoft store.

What is Xbox Gift Card Codes?

Xbox Gift Card

This is an online service that was started by Microsoft Rewards. If you are a passionate gamer then you must be looking for free live codes on Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox one series. These reward codes will help you redeem many cosmetic items In-game. We have collected updates of some Xbox live gold, Xbox game pass and PSN codes from Microsoft’s portals and forums. Keep in mind these Xbox redeem codes won’t last long, you’ll need to redeem them soon.

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Xbox Gift Card Code Free Today

Redeem CodesXBox Gift Card Codes
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Code Value$5, $15, $20, $50, $100, $500 Codes

Things to Remember to Get Xbox Gift Card Codes

Xbox Gift Card Code

Xbox Should Support Your Chosen Codes

Most of the digital codes belonging to different publishers look almost identical to one another. A few Xbox games contain codes to use at the publisher’s website of the game instead of getting through Xbox. You have to make sure that Xbox supports the code, which you will try to redeem for your benefits.

Sign in with the Right Microsoft Account

You should sign in to your Microsoft account as a person, who tries to use the Xbox redeem code. If you purchase the code by using a different account or as a gift, you have to sign in using the person’s account who received the gift.

Resolve Unpaid Balance and Account Suspension Issues

If Microsoft suspends your account or you have any due balance, you cannot redeem a few codes from Xbox. In this situation, we request you resolve any problem related to account suspension and the unpaid balance. For this, you should visit the section of Services and Subscription in your official account before you redeem the Xbox code.

Check the Regional Boundaries

You may use a few digital codes only in specific countries or regions. You should ensure that the region of your account matches the one where you buy the digital code.

Redeem Your Code directly from Xbox

In some cases, you cannot redeem Xbox gift cards or codes on your gaming console. If you fail to redeem the code online, you should try to redeem it on your Xbox device.

Xbox Redeem Code Free 2023

Redeem CodeStatus

FREE XBOX Game Pass Code 2023


Preliminary Steps to Activate Xbox Gift Card Codes

  • As an X box user, you cannot activate or use any codes if your account has an outstanding balance or any invalid payment option.
  • Before redeeming the code, you should sign in to the right Microsoft account on your web browser or device.
  • If you accidentally redeem any code on the wrong account, Xbox Support will not transfer your account to any other Microsoft account.

How to Redeem Xbox Gift Card Codes

Xbox Gift Card Code Free

On Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S

  • Open the Xbox guide by pressing the Xbox button and choosing Store.
  • Open the device’s side menu by pressing the View button and choosing Redeem.
  • Enter the obtained code, which consists of 25 characters.
  • Choose the option of Next and follow the necessary prompts.

From a Mobile or PC Web Browser

  • Visit the official website of Microsoft to redeem the code from your mobile or PC web browser.
  • Enter the Xbox redeem code of 25 characters, choose Next, and follow the essential prompts.

In Microsoft Windows

  • Press the Microsoft Windows Start button and enter the store in the highlighted search bar.
  • Select Microsoft Store based on the results to open the Xbox app.
  • Choose your account highlighted in the right corner of your screen and select Redeem gift cards or codes.
  • Enter your 25-character code and follow the necessary prompts by choosing the Next option.

Microsoft Xbox Apps

  • Press the Windows Xbox App Start button to get a search bar, where you should enter Xbox.
  • Select the Xbox app from the available results and open it.
  • Select Gamer pic present in the top-left area of your Xbox app.
  • Select Settings, followed by Redeem highlighted in the section of Redeem a code.
  • Enter your 25-character code and follow the necessary prompts by choosing the Next option.

Note – This time, the Xbox app is not allowing its users to redeem any code for mobiles.

XBox 360

  • Find the Xbox 360 controller and press its Guide button.
  • Choose Apps and Games and select redeem a code.
  • Enter the character code of 25 characters and follow the essential prompts to redeem your code on Xbox 360.

Change Your Location to Redeem an Xbox Code Overseas

  • If you redeem a USA gift card, you have to connect to a USA VPN before purchasing a code. You should choose another USA server if you continue to get the error message.
  • Delete your data and cache of Google Play Store
  • Re-launch the Google Play Store on your device
  • You may have to sign out of your existing Google account before you go ahead to clear the existing app’s data.

If you consistently receive a message of already redeeming your Xbox code, you should make sure that you did not redeem it yourself. You may get this type of notification if you redeem the gift card or code under a different Microsoft account or Gamertag.

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Queries on Xbox Redeem Gift Card Codes Free

What will happen if I get an unreadable or damaged code?

If you cannot read each of the 25 characters of your Xbox digital code, you may request a replacement code. You may use the button Contact us to get a replacement code.

Why Xbox is not allowing me to redeem a code?

If you are facing a problem redeeming a code, it may be because of a service outage from the Xbox team. Hence, you should wait until Xbox support resolves the issue and try to redeem the code after a while.

Do your Xbox gift cards or redeem codes expire?

No, gift cards and Xbox redeem codes do not have any fee or expiry date. Moreover, you may use a single gift card to get subscriptions, like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

What I will do if Xbox shows an error because of an already redeemed code?

If you consistently receive a message of already redeeming your Xbox code, you should make sure that you did not redeem it yourself. You may get this type of notification if you redeem the gift card or xbox redeem code under a different Microsoft account or Gamertag.

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