My Dress Up Darling Season 2 Release Date, Episode 1, Crunchyroll

My Dress Up Darling is a Japanese manga series created by Shinichi Fukuda. The franchise started its start in a Square Enix-owned production company. The first episode of the first season of My Dress-up Darling was released on January 9, 2022. Season one had a total of twelve episodes.

The major emphasis of the My Dress-up Darling series is the romantic comedy-drama with the most complex storyline twists and turns. The first season of this show has just recently been made accessible, but it’s already receiving rave reviews. When the first season of My Dress-up Darling premiered, its makers quickly declared that a second season would soon follow.  The first season of My Dress-up Darling is also highly regarded, with a nine out of ten rating on the website IMDB.

Fascinatingly, after publishing the whole first season, Manga magazine sold 8.5 million copies of the My Dress up Darling anime. Cast members, plot details, and more will all be discussed in this article dedicated to the second season of My Dress-up Darling.

My Dress Up Darling Season 2

My Dress-Up Darling: The Latest on Season 2

My Dress Up Darling is a popular Japanese manga series centred on Wakama Gojo, a fashion designer who likes experimenting with new styles. Despite this, he is too shy to make advantage of his talent. But towards the end, we see that Wakama Gojo has finally begun to act on his aspirations and pursue his love.

All of the viewers are eagerly anticipating season two after seeing how well it topped the first. But the producers haven’t given any firm information regarding when the second season would premiere. Since production is still underway, we may not get to see anything from Season 2 of My Dress Up Darling until early in 2024. So, cross your fingers and wait anxiously for My Dress Up Darling Season 2.

Characters of My Dress Up Darling Season 2

The success of the first season of My Dress up Darling has prompted the show’s creator, Shinichi Fukuda, to declare that a second season would be produced.

The new season is being looked forward to with tremendous excitement by the fans. In particular, they can’t wait to hear more about the new cast members of My Dress-up Darling Season 2.

Here is a rundown of the characters, followed by a list of the actors that portrayed them on screen and provided their voices.

Cast members who also speak Japanese include:

  • Jad Saxton plays the role of Shinju Inui.
  • Ama Lee plays the role of Marin Kitagawa.
  • Paul Dateh R. portrays Sajuna Inui as Risa Mei Wakana Gojo.
  • Bruce Elliott played Kaoru Gojo.

Actors/Actresses Who Speak English:

  • Wakana is played by Shoya Ishige
  • Kaoru Gojo portrays Atsushi Ono
  • Actress Hina Yomiya stars as Gojo Shinju Inui.
  • Hina Suguta as Marin Kitagawa.

My Dress Up Darling Manga Season One Recap

As was previously said, the My Dress up Darling series has already won the hearts of many readers. These comics by Shinichi Fukuda, illustrated by him, are among the best and best-known in Japan. Wakana Gojo wants and loves to design clothes, but after suffering social trauma, he has given up on his dream. This aspiration and this love drive the whole story.

Wakana Gojo’s best friend Marin Kitagawa learned after a few days that his pal had the skills and drive to create the outfit via workmanship and design. That’s why she started pushing him towards following his heart rather than adapting. In addition, Marin Kitagawa encourages his close friend in the hopes that it would boost his confidence.

It didn’t take long for the Wakana Gojo to begin working with Marin Kitagawa on creating very unique and aesthetically arresting outfits. My Dress-up Darling’s first season has concluded on a high note.

Plot of Second Season of My Dress Up Darling Anime

Readers of all ages are falling in love with the My Dress up Darling books. The fact that the show will continue for another season is also thrilling for fans. Therefore, we will discuss the second season of My Dress-up Darling and the details surrounding it here in this post.

My Dress-up Darling’s first season was apparently lifted wholesale from a Japanese manga magazine. This raises the chance that the inspiration for the next season, which will be dubbed My Dress-up Darling Season 2, may come from the same magazine.

Season 1 of the programme covers chapters 1 through 39 of the My Dress-up Darling Manga Magazine. Because of this, the second season of My Dress-up Darling may begin with the forty-first chapter of the manga rather than the first.

Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa may get the spotlight in the first episode of the next season of My Dress-up Darling. This is a viable option among many others. Many fans also anticipate the continuation of their love story in the next season.

People should start reading the story material that can be found in Japanese Manga Magazine now in light of their anticipation for the second season of My Dress-up Darling. This gives them a sneak peek at the next season’s basic storyline. Beyond this, though, the producers have been mum on how many episodes will make up the upcoming season.

When Will Season 2 Be Available?

Season 2 of My Dress up Darling has been in production since the 14th of September 2022, and fans can’t wait for the next season to premiere. Despite this, a premiere date for My Dress-up Darling Season 2 has not been set. In addition, a lot of information regarding the upcoming second season of My Dress-up Darling was leaked during one of the exhibition events held in Ikebukuro on March 16, 2023. The release date for Season 2 of My Dress-up Darling is anticipated to be revealed shortly.

Where to Watch?

The Crunchyroll website will indeed include episodes from the second season of the anime series My Dress up Darling.  Fans can also see the first season of My Dress-up Darling on other streaming platforms including Dramacool, Netflix, Funimation, and more.


In conclusion, Shinichi Fukuda’s My Dress-up Darling is a popular manga series released in Japan. The first season of the programme has a 9 out of 10 rating on IMDB, thus we can easily judge its popularity based on this rating ratio if we are discussing the show’s popularity.

Fans also have a tremendous degree of respect and love for each and every cast member. After hearing the creator’s comments and seeing the season two teaser, we can confidently conclude that the first season of My Dress Up Darling was excellent. The eager anticipation of My Dress-up Darling’s audience for the second season, the premiere date of which has not been announced, was palpable.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How many episodes are there in Season 2 of My Dress Up Darling?

We have not yet received the official information about the episode list for the upcoming history of the programme. Nonetheless, we conclude that there is a high probability that it will have 12 episodes, as the previous season also had 12 episodes.

Can Marin give Gojo a Confession?

As we’ve seen in earlier seasons, Gojo and Marin get quite close to one another when they start working together. And last but not least, at the end of the first season, Marin will have admitted her feelings for Gojo.

Who is the main girl from dress-up darling?

My Dress-Up Darling is an anime and manga series in which Marin Kitagawa plays the role of main female heroine.

How old is Sajuna dress up darling?

My Dress Up Darling is a Japanese romantic comedy anime and manga series, and Sajuna Inui is a recurring female supporting character. She is an introverted 16-year-old Otaku who loves anime, manga, and cosplay.