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NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again, often referred to as NBA YoungBoy, is a songwriter and rapper with an estimated net worth of $6 million in 2024. He became famous between 2015 and 2017 by releasing six mixtapes as an independent artist. After that, he gained popularity with the song “Outside Today” taken from the album “Until Death Call My Name.”

His popularity continued to grow in 2019, with his top-ten track “Bandit” and the album that topped the charts “Al YoungBoy 2.”

NBA Youngboy Net Worth

Name of the PersonalityNBA Youngboy
Stage NameYoungBoy Never Broke Again
Real NameKentrell DeSean Gaulden
ProfessionAmerican Rapper
Age22 Years Old
Date of BirthOctober 20, 1999
Birth PlaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Weight75KG (Approx.)
Net Worth$7 Million
Salary$1 Million

Early Career and Life Beginnings

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, born in 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Because of his father’s 55-year sentence in prison, Gaulden was raised with his mother. When he was a child, Gaulden injured his neck while wrestling and was forced to wear a head restraint that left marks on his forehead.

After leaving high school in his teen years, Gaulden was taken into custody for robbery and transferred to a jail in Tallulah, Louisiana, where he began writing lyrics. Unfortunately, Gaulden’s grandmother died after he was released from prison. Gaulden then moved in with his co-rapper, NBA 3Three. He was then involved in criminal activities with him to pay for the time he spent in the studio.

In 2015, Gaulden dropped his first mixtape, titled “Life Before Fame.” Then, he released several mixtapes that included “38 Baby,” “Mind of a Menace,” and “Before I Go.” The last one featured Stroke Tha Don and Boosie Badazz.

Gaulden was later a target of fame due to his public beef against singer Scotty Cain, during which the two exchanged threats to kill each other via song. The spotlight was heightened on Gaulden when he was detained in Austin, Texas, on suspicion of attempted murder. While in prison at East Baton Rouge Parish, Gaulden re-released two of his mixtapes from the past.

NBA Youngboy Net Worth

The Top Charting Albums and More

NBA Youngboy Net Worth After the release of the star-studded music video “41,” Gaulden released his new mixtape “Al YoungBoy” in August of 2017. The biggest hit of his career was when it reached the top 24 spot on the Billboard 200. After which, he launched the singles “Untouchable” and “No Smoke.”

A bigger hit came in 2018, as the hit single “Outside Today” was able to climb to the top spot of 31 on the Billboard Hot 100. Following this, Gaulden debuted his album “Until Death Call My Name,” which stood at the seventh spot on the Billboard 200.

In the year of 2018, Gaulden released a new mixtape titled “Master The Day Of Judgment.” Additionally, the summer of 2018 saw Gaulden releasing four EP series, each consisting of four tracks. Gaulden then released two additional mixtapes called “Decided” and “Realer.”

At the beginning of January 2019, Gaulden was listed among YouTube’s top music artists because of his frequent exclusive release on the platform.

Additional hit singles and albums

After a 14-month detention in the house that left him unable to record, Gaulden returned to the charts in October 2019 with the hit single “Bandit,” recorded with rapper Juice Wrld. It reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Gaulden’s top-charting song to date.

After the release, he dropped the mixtape “Al YoungBoy 2,” which came out at the top of the Billboard 200. With more than 144 million online audio streams during its first week, the album became that year’s most significant stream debut.

Gaulden continued his success with “Al YoungBoy 2” with a hit mixtape called “Still Flexin, Still Steppin.” Then, in April 2020, he dropped “38 Baby 2,” his second album, which went to top the charts of the Billboard 200. Another album that topped the charts, “Top,” came later in the year. It brought the Hot 100-charting singles “Kacey Talk,” “All In,” along with “My Windows.”

Following that, Gaulden released the mixtape “Until I Return” exclusively via YouTube before being made available on various streaming services.

Criminal Acts

Before and during his professional life, Gaulden has been consistently implicated in the criminal world. One of his crimes occurred in November of 2016 when he was detained in Austin, Texas, for jumping from a car and firing on pedestrians. Gaulden was subsequently arrested for two charges of attempted first-degree murder.

After pleading guilty to a lesser case of an aggravated attack by firearm, Gaulden was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and three years probation, the first of which was later suspended. At the beginning of 2018, Gaulden was detained and incarcerated for allegedly engaging in kidnapping, assault, and weapons violations. He was released, having been granted bail.

In 2019 when he was on probation, Gaulden reacted with gunfire after being shot by a suspect driving a white Cadillac Escalade. The charges of the shooting were dismissed. However, Gaulden was discovered to have violated his probation when he was with Trulondrick Norman and Ben Fields. The result was that Gaulden was sentenced to 90 days in prison and banned from performing for 14 months while on house arrest.

Further charges were brought against Gaulden in September 2020. He was one of 16 people arrested within Baton Rouge for crimes, including manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs and stealing firearms.

Gaulden was also arrested the following year under a federal warrant that he tried to escape by going on foot as federal agents attempted to stop his car.

NBA YoungBoy Learnings

  • Follow your passions – There are a lot of musicians who have made it big after dropping out of college in pursuit of their music goals. NBA YoungBoy is one such artist.
  • Bloom in the place you’ve placed – Detention centers aren’t the ideal location for anyone who would ever think of singing lyrics. However, when you’re an NBA YoungBoy, every moment offers the chance to be better than your own self-improvement. So instead of being apathetic, the rapper used his detention period to write lyrics that influenced many of his earlier mixtapes.
  • Consistency is essential – NBA YoungBoy has been consistently releasing songs over the short time he’s been in the rap world. He knows that as an artist, success can propel you into the spotlight. However, it requires consistency to remain there.

Quotes from NBA YoungBoy

“I do not really talk too often. I simply observe and watch.”

“I don’t trust anybody.”

“The most that worries me is death.”

“Without commitment, you can’t be able to accomplish anything.”

“Your affection is poison, so it’s over.”

NBA YoungBoy is only twenty years old. However, he’s already had remarkable
successes. If he continues to show his style and consistency, it’s just a matter of time
until he joins the big world of rappers.

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