PUBG April Update – PUBG Mobile India Game Release Date 2021

Pubg Mobile India Release Date: Govt. Approves the Game Relaunch?

As per claims by a well-known content creator, Luv Sharma (GodNixon), Pubg Mobile has finally received Government approval for the launch of Pubg Mobile India version. The Govt. of India banned player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or Pubg Mobile last year over data privacy concerns with Chinese giant Tencent who were the owners of the mobile franchise.

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Ever since, speculations regarding the launch of an Indian version of the popular game have kept millions of fans and gamers in anticipation. But, the Government approval has been pending for a long time. Sharma claimed the Government has finally approved the launch and if he is to be believed, gamers are in for some good news.

PUBG Mobile India Game Release Date

Another popular content creator and member of the TSM Esports team Abhijeet Andhare (GHATAK) updated his followers on a social media platform stating how Pubg fans are in for some good news over the next couple of months.

“I didn’t want to reveal this, but it’s your love that I could not refrain myself. The next two months are very good for PUBG lovers and so much interesting news will come soon for TSM lovers,” – Andhare.

Moreover, Pubg Corporation posted a recruitment post on LinkedIn recently, which fueled the speculations regarding the launch of Pubg Mobile India. Pubg Corporation has joined hands with Microsoft Azure to host the game sessions, which put an end to the data privacy concerns.

Pubg Corp posted a job opening for Investment and Strategy Analyst position. The responsibilities included handling acquisitions and mergers. This led many to believe that the relaunch of this popular game might happen soon.

However, there is still no official statement yet regarding the launch of the Indian version of Pubg Mobile and no concrete date has been declared either.