Sony Playstation 5 Pre Order India, Special Features & Release Date

Sony Playstation 5

Digital Foundry has recently confirmed the release of Sony PlayStation 5 aka PS5 Specifications and provided a detailed analysis of its inner technology. Before this, a few technological updates have already revealed some of the features of the upcoming PS5, especially the ability to provide ray tracing support.

Sony Playstation 5

Small and Agile GPU

With the launch of the Sony PlayStation 5, Sony has attempted to provide an agile and a small GPU to deliver outstanding performance as compared to the one you may expect with the help of the TFLOP number.

The reason is that the TFLOP number fails to encompass the functions performed by different parts of the PS5 GPU.

Custom 825GB SSD in Sony PlayStation 5

The latest Custom 825GB SSD present in Sony PlayStation 5 is responsible for improving the device performance as well.

The main objective of Sony in this case is to improve the performance rate at two magnitude orders fast as compared to its previous PS4 performance.

An interesting aspect is that the latest Custom SSD loads a maximum of 2GB of data in only a fraction of seconds. According to the mentioned specification, a total of 16GB of PS5 can load data within only 2 seconds.

Sony Playstation 5 Features & Specifications

Until now, we have learned many other things about the latest features and specifications of Sony Playstation 5. These include the following:

Support to Expandable Storage

An interesting aspect of PS5 is that it provides you expandable storage via NVME drive.

Support to Backward Compatibility

As the architecture of PS5 is almost similar to its previous version PS4, it gives support to backward compatibility. Besides, PS5 has a drastic performance boost, because of which games must undergo a proper test.

Provides a Digital Edition

PS5 provides Digital Edition and the one to give support to almost every type of physical media. One can get both of the mentioned options during the launch of PS5 only.

Helps in Configurable Game Installation

Based on the appearance and function of SSD, players can delete their campaign without any need to remove the connected multiplayer. However, game developers have to provide the required support.

Eliminates Duplication to Allow Optimized Gaming Sizes

Based on connection via SSD only in the case of PS5, developers do not have to create duplicate data and in turn, come up with an optimized game size and allow fast standard reading.

Confirmation of PS5 Accessories

PS5 will come with varieties of accessories. These are a Pulse 3D Headset connected via a wireless connection, a Charging Station for a maximum of two Dual Sense Controllers, an HD Camera device with dual lenses of 1080 pixels, and a Media Remote.

PSVR Support by PS5

The latest technological update mentioned that PS5 will uplift to PSVR. Accordingly, the new headset will be a wireless one. Also, it will come equipped with a rear camera and two front camera systems with an extra camera present as a Move-style controller.

Dynamic Home Screen

Another noticing aspect of PS5 is that it will have a dynamic home screen to display live elements in a better way. These include the display of missions available and allow players to choose their favorite activity on a real-time basis.

Geometry Engine

PS5 will have a new block as Geometry Engine. This will give higher control to game developers on geometry culling, primitives, and triangles.

Tempest Engine

Tempest Engine utilizes a few tenets of locality and presence to create realistic audio content. The engine comes coupled with an HRTF i.e. Head-Related Transfer Function sound system to fit perfectly according to the shape of one’s ear.

Therefore, the release of the new PS5 will bring tons of good news to modern and action-based game developers across the world.

Sony Playstation 5 Pre Order India

Sony Playstation 5 Pre Order in India Started from June 23, 2021.

PlayStation 5 has recently returned in stock in different regions of India. The reason is that the Sony gaming console is set for pre-orders again. Right from the launch of the Sony PlayStation 5 in India, this will be its fourth sale across the country.

Stores to Apply Sony Playstation 5 Pre Order

According to the latest updates, the new Sony PS5 is available for its pre-order not only on the official store of Sony Inc. but also on Amazon India. Besides, you may get PlayStation 5 on GamesTheShop and Vijay Sales. However, other stores related to the sales of PS5 will update and announce the availability as soon as possible.

Data and Timings for Pre Order

The pre-order has already started from June 23, 2021, across different platforms mentioned here. If we talk of the timings, preorders had kicked off at exactly 12 PM noon. The pre-order has both Sony PS models i.e. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and PlayStation 5 on offer. While following the timeline found in previous sales of various Sony gaming consoles, the ordered units in the next sale would start their shipping in only a few weeks.

Sony Group conducted its previous pre-order for Sony PlayStation 5 last month only on May 27, 2021. However, demand for this time will exceed the availability of similar units far away at the time of the sale. In this way, most of the prospective buyers will witness a huge race in the current pre-order. Therefore, we advise buyers to fill in their important details in advance to assure of the fastest possible process with the live show.