Will Smith Net Worth 2024: Forbes, Wiki, Income

American actor and rapper Willard Carroll Smith is primarily known for his excellent work as a rapper and actor. He is also popular for his stage name, The First Prince. In Hollywood, he is regarded as one of the most bankable actors. His acting is not only recognized in Hollywood but also throughout the world.

Globally, Will Smith’s films earned $9.3 billion in 2024. The career of Will Smith is not limited to acting and rapping; he is also a successful film producer. In addition to Treyball Development LLC, Smith owns some other businesses with this brother. Will Smith is an adventurous person. Moreover, through this stunt, he raised $200 million to donate to charity. Scroll down to learn more about Will Smith’s Net Worth, how much he made this year, along with his early life, biography, family, and more.

Will Smith Net Worth

Will Smith Net Worth

The Hollywood industry knows Will Smith is a bankable movie star, and will smith net worth reflects that. Furthermore, he does a marvelous job promoting his films through both traditional media and social media-both which are Oscar-caliber.

The ‘First Prince’ ranked 69th among the highest-earning celebrities according to Forbes in 2020. It was estimated that he had a net worth of around $44.5 million at the time. However, the data is two years old. As of now, Forbes still needs to release the new data. Despite this, it is estimated that Will Smith’s Net Worth is about $375 Million, considering all his income sources. His eight films have collected around $100 million each in a row, making him the only actor to do so. It is likely that the actual number will be closer to the estimated one.

Here’s the outline of Will Smith’s net worth for the past 5 years

Net worth in 2022$350 million
Net worth in 2021$340 million
Net worth in 2020$300 million
Net worth in 2019$265 million
Net worth in 2018$245 million
Net worth in 2017$225 million

Will Smith Biography

The full name of Smith is William Carroll Smith Jr., born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 25, 1968. As a result of some of his habits, Smith was affectionately known as ‘Prince’ by friends, family, and acquaintances. From age 12 onwards, he started rapping and gradually lost interest in his studies. Ultimately, he decided to pursue rap as a career rather than pursue higher education. During that time, he became close friends with Jeffrey Allen Townes.

Eventually, Jeffrey became DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Smith became Prince, and they made music together. It is believed that the song ‘Girls and Nothing’ came out in 1986 and was the band’s first hit. Next, the debut album of Smith, ‘Rock the House,’ became a huge hit. At the age of less than 18, Smith became a millionaire overnight with the album. Further, several hit albums and songs have been produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.

Will Smith Net Worth 2024

NameWill Smith
Real NameWillard Carroll Smith Jr
Date of Birth25 September 1968
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S
Age54 years old
Educational QualificationsHigh School
ParentsFather- Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. Mother- Caroline Bright
Wife NameSheree Zampino​ ​ (marriage-1992 and divorce-1995)​ Jada Pinkett ​
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Rapper
Height & Weight1.88 m
Salary / IncomeAbout $80 million/annum
Net Worthabout $350 Million

Early Life

Will is currently 54 years old. Willard Carroll Smith II was born on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, to Caroline and Willard Carroll Smith Sr, both United States Air Force veterans. Smith has a younger brother and sister. Harry and Ellen are twin siblings. As well as having an older sister, Pamela, Will also has a younger half-sister, Ashley Marie Pettway Smith. He was raised as a Baptist. When Will Smith was 13 years old, his parents separated and divorced.

Will Smith’s Movie Career

  • With the Grammy Awards for ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ in 1988, Will Smith became famous and wealthy.
  • As Smith’s popularity grew, he received an offer to work on a TV series in 1990. In many ways, Smith’s life mirrors that of the TV series, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. There were six seasons of this series.
  • In addition, he continued to make rap music with DJ Jazzy Jeff during this period. His work in TV series led to small roles in films such as “Made in America” in 1992, which led him to the big screen.
  • The lead role in the big-budget film “Bad Boys” provided him with an opportunity to play a policeman. Throughout the film, his performance gave him a distinctive identity, and it became a smash hit.
  • He established himself as a Hollywood hero after playing the role of an Air Force pilot on ‘Independence Day’ in 1996.
  • ‘Men in Black’ in 1997 and ‘Enemy of the State’ in 1998 rocked the box office. Even during this time, he did not give up music.
  • During the 2001 Academy Awards ceremony, he was nominated for his role in the biopic about boxer Muhammad Ali. In 2002, ‘Men in Black 2’ was a success, so was ‘Bad Boys 2’ in 2003, ‘Robot’ in 2004, and ‘Hitch’ in 2005.
  • His performance in The Pursuit of Happiness led to another Academy Award nomination in 2006. Being a hit was a guarantee with Will Smith in the film. ‘Suicide Squad,’ released in 2016, proved to be the biggest hit of his career.


It is believed that the actor was married twice. Earlier this year, the actor and his wife, Jada Pinkett, announced they were in an open relationship. Jada Koren Pinkett and Will Smith married in 1997, and they have two children, Jaden C. Smith, and Willow Smith. In her confession, Jada admitted that she was dating August Alsina while married to Will.

Each of them owns more than nine properties in the United States. His first wife of Will was Sheree Ampino, to whom he was married from 1992 to 1995. Trey is the name of their son.

Will Smith Oscar 2022 Controversy

Most of you have likely heard of the incident that took place during the Oscars ceremony in 2022. A ceremony for the 94th Academy Awards was held on March 27, 2022. As the host of the award ceremony, Chris Rock appeared on stage. In an effort to make the crowd laugh, Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett’s shaved head. Apparently, he referred to her as G.I. Jane.

It wasn’t something Will took lightly. As he walked on stage, he grabbed Chris Rock by the neck and slapped him. When he returned to the chair, he yelled, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth!” twice. He declined to leave the ceremony after being asked to do so by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As soon as he accepted the award for best actor, he apologized to the audience.


FAQs: Most Asked Questions

What was Will Smith’s salary for Aladdin?

He dreamed of making at least $20 million from his role as the Genie in Aladdin, which he achieved.

How much money does Will Smith earn from his music?

Between 1988 and 1990, Smith made some handsome money from his rap career (rumored to be $10 million)-but he spent all of it on back taxes and ended up broke. In response, he turned his attention to acting, first with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and later with movies.