FREE Disney Gift Cards (April 2024) 30+ Gift Card Code

Disney, beloved for its magical experiences and exciting world, offers fans an attractive feature – Disney gift cards. These versatile cards serve as gateways into this fantastical realm. You can purchase park tickets, merchandise, and dining experiences. Even better – you can get the card for free! In this article, we explore the allure of these cards and methods of acquiring one and using its experiences to maximize its use!

Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards provide a convenient and flexible means to pay at Disney locations across the US for virtually anything imaginable, such as dining, resort stays, theme park tickets, and much more. They’re especially ideal for shopping! The gift cards are also acceptable at retail locations!

Gift cards from Disney stores or third-party retailers range in value from $25 to $500 and can be purchased for delivery to an email address or mobile number in set amounts from $25 up. They’re also available as eGift cards that can be sent straight from Disney into someone’s hands!

Disney Gift Cards are redeemable at any location that accepts credit and debit cards – including Disney stores,, theme parks, water parks, resorts, etc.

Free Disney Gift Card

Gift CardFree Disney Gift Card Codes
CompanyThe Walt Disney Company
Production CompanyDisney Plus
Last Updated4th April 2024
Gift Card Value$5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50
Redeem RewardsGift Cards, Free Subscription, Unlimited 4k Shows & More
Redeem Codes30+ New Codes Added ✅

How to Get Free Disney Plus Gift Cards

Are you hoping for Disney on a limited budget? Getting free Disney gift card codes may make the experience more affordable. Below, I list several methods I used myself that may help save some money and get your hands on free Disney gift cards, which was always your dream.

Free Disney Gift Cards

1. Disney Movie Rewards

Once known as Disney Movie Rewards, Disney Movie Insiders is an exciting loyalty program dedicated to movies from Walt Disney. We all look forward to taking our family out for an amazing cinematic experience when new films are released. Movie night is truly unforgettable!

Disney Movie Insiders makes earning points easy. Just submit movie tickets, play games, buy movies to earn them, and exchange those points for rewards like Disney gift cards! Connect AMC or Fandango accounts directly with Disney Movie Insiders so you remember to redeem those points after seeing one!

Redeem your points for movies, posters, collectibles, interactive experiences, unique content, and charity donations. In addition to movie theater showings and DVD purchases of Disney films – not only animated ones – but Marvel and other associated movie productions produced by them will earn points, too!

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks allows users to take surveys, watch videos, and more to earn Swagbucks that they can convert into gift cards. I once read an article where a woman used these gift cards from Swagbucks to pay almost 90% of her $ 3,500 Disney vacation! I would love to use it to pay for Christmas presents this way!

Swagbucks makes signing up and using it incredibly straightforward, with no hidden catches! Aside from surveys and videos, you can earn points shopping at online retailers like Amazon, Target, and eBay to earn additional rewards. It may take longer, but even just doing one survey per day can soon add up to considerable savings!

I aim to save $2/day or $60 each month, which I receive via PayPal credit that can then be transferred directly into my checking account. Redeem points either for cash as I do or redeem them for free Disney gift cards.

3. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app available both for iOS and Android devices. It helps you earn coins and rewards by scanning any receipts from purchases. Snap and upload! No hassle is involved, and it is entirely free – so enjoy Receipt Hog today.

Reward earning via Receipt Hog may take longer, but with consistent receipt scanning, you could make about $100 annually in free money! Here’s what to remember when using it – receipts can be up to two weeks old, and you can upload only twenty receipts per week. Further, all must belong directly or indirectly to you or your household.

4. MyPoints

MyPoints, an award-winning survey site, rewards users for taking surveys, watching videos, and other actions. Participation helps them win points, which they can redeem for rewards such as Disney gift cards. The following are the things you can do at MyPoints:

  • Complete surveys
  • Watch videos
  • Read emails
  • Play games
  • Shop Online

Users can earn up to 400 points by taking surveys with MyPoints, plus an exciting referral program offers them 25 points for every friend they refer.

5. Shopkick App

Shopkick is a mobile application that rewards users with “kicks” for activities such as scanning products, checking into stores, and uploading receipts. The “Kicks” are redeemable for rewards, including Disney gift cards! Some ways users can earn kicks are:

  • Walk into stores
  • Scan products
  • Purchase items
  • Upload receipts
  • View Videos

Users can receive up to 250 kicks just for entering a store, 50 for scanning product bar codes, and 250 kicks each time someone refers them to a friend!

Free Disney Gift Card Codes 2024

  • Z3J27AS3Q2BK4QFD
  • 2R69C7XDVFED72DX
  • E3ZU2QB42P5TK7UX
  • 254P2P3UA44ES2PU
  • CUAT2L75FZQ83D4Q
  • 7A4XK62KE9KFA5T5

How to Redeem Disney Gift Cards

Free Disney Gift Card Codes

First of all arrange for a valid gift card code, if you want you can buy it from online stores.

Copy code from your gift card and Go to

Paste your code in the “Enter Code” field.

Finally, click on the “Redeem” button to redeem disney gift card code.


Earning free Disney gift cards is possible using various methods, from survey sites like MyPoints to mobile apps like Shopkick. By participating in surveys, watching videos, or scanning products, users can collect points/kicks, which they can redeem later for Disney gift cards.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

How do I earn money for a Disney gift card?

For maximum earnings for Disney gift cards, cashback apps such as Ibotta, Rakuten, and Swagbucks provide cash rewards for completing tasks like shopping or taking surveys online. Users can redeem these rewards with gift cards from Disney or use them to pay their travel costs directly.

Where can I find information on Disney gift card promotions?

The Disney Gift Card website or signing up for the Disney Rewards newsletter are excellent ways to get Disney gift card discounts. Furthermore, Target and Sam’s Club retailers often provide special offers or discounts when selling Disney cards as gift certificates.

Can I purchase a $1000 Disney gift card?

Disney gift cards come in denominations that range from $25 up to $1000. However, please be aware that some retailers may restrict how much of each denomination you can purchase for every transaction.

Are there ways through which I can obtain free Disney gift cards?

Yes, obtaining free Disney gift cards is possible with cashback apps, completing surveys, or participating in promotions offered by retailers or credit card companies. Ensure to be vigilant to scams and only take part in legitimate offers.