FREE PSN Codes (May 2024) 50+ PlayStation Gift Cards

If you spend most of your time playing PlayStation games then you need amazing gifts. Gifts that you will get through free psn codes. Did it get you excited? Everyone likes to play games on PlayStation, if you call yourself a gamer then you too must have played PlayStation games. You may be familiar with Promo Codes and Redeem Codes, a PlayStation Network Card or Free PSN Codes are used to add funds to your PlayStation Network account, allowing you to continue with your purchases at the PlayStation Store or other digital content.

ArticleFREE PSN Codes
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Last Updated3th May 2024
BenefitsFree PlayStation Account Credits & Funds
RewardsPSN Balance, PlayStation Codes & More
CodesHFJD-JBN2-B4L5, LRC7-6PNR-J627 & 10 More
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PSN Codes 2024


PSN codes are a type of promo code that enables you to add funds to your PlayStation Network account. Although you have to spend money to get the psn code, you can also generate it from PlayStation Store gift card. But you can also get free psn codes as rewards, which will allow you to add funds to your PlayStation account for free.

The PSN codes are the Free PlayStation gift card codes provided by the PlayStation as a virtual currency. The PSN code stands for PlayStation Network code. These basically are meant for the users and the gamers that can buy certain games, their schemes, and characters regarding any games in a PlayStation. As we all know that the case session cases of several games and their inbuilt buying sessions to which are user individuals can purchase by using their credit cards.

However, by using the PSN codes, the user does not require credit cards but uses this virtual currency to buy the games or several other rewards. Some of the latest things that can be considered as a reward for the PSN codes are as follows:

  • Downloading any of the video games which is purchasable
  • Avatars or characters
  • Individuals can also purchase background themes for their PlayStation
  • There are several add-ons that are available within the games, and they can also be purchased using the PSN codes.

How to Redeem PSN Codes

It is quite simple to redeem the PSN code. The individual needs to follow certain general steps so as to redeem these. The steps are as follows:

  • It is required for the individual to open the PlayStation Store.
  • Select the character or the Avatar at the top.
  • There might be an option of “Redeem Codes” from the drop-down menu.
  • User needs to click the “Redeem Codes” option.
  • There will be a box to enter the code.
  • The individual must enter the code.
  • Select “Redeem”.

FREE PSN Codes 2024

It is quite important for individuals and the user to look out for the expiry date of the PSN codes. There are several PSN courses that might be active, or some of them might be expired. However, some of the free PSN codes that are considered active for the month of December are as follows:

These are some of the courses that can be used by individuals in the month of January 2024. Therefore, it is suggested that individuals redeem them before the expiry.

  • TBTE – PLN3 – 25QC
  • LRC7 – 6PNR – J627
  • LRC7 – 6PNR – J630
  • LRC7 – 6PNR – J629
  • LRC7 – 6PNR – J627
  • LRC7 – 6PNR – J624
  • LRC7 – 6PNR – J625
  • CBB9 – TNN3 – 7RFF
  • CBB9 – TNN3 – 7CFF
  • 3DCH – 32N7 – 7K4T
  • 3DCH – 23N3 – 7K5T
  • NQ6N – BQN3 – 8RG5

Free PlayStation Gift Card Codes

TBTE – PLN3 – 25QCXQF7 – 9JN4 – 3NQM
XQF7 – 9JN4 – 3NQMDQM5 – 2LNC – T6KL
5NEC – F9N4 – 75M8LHFH – JDNC – LN97
98AK – RDNQ – 785CPDJR – T6NH – B49Q
CKDB – GDN3 – 637B4LH4 – DANK – QA37
QG9R – NEN7 – RP5L5K2F – B7NN – 7D3N
EG89 – GTNA – L3ER9EEE – 2XNA – 7PX2
478N – NQNL – 2A5X38ED – KMNA – L72D
9G3F – E3N3 – K4M3GBX2 – ELNK – R5KE
66GK – XTNT – CQAC5K2F – B7NN – 7D3N
AR5T – JQN5 – DLB83Q7D – DDNX – 2D9F
2RTC – NAN8 – LCBHH84B – C3NL – XK8T
7BDM – 9QNC – 9T9ATFA8 – L9N6 – D2KE
BEFB – AMNR – R4F9JK84 – 47N5 – CM4R
9EEE – 2XNA – 7PX27BDM – 9QNC – 9T9A
N3JM – BLNN – H6NR4LH4 – DANK – QA37
L3DB – 8XNA – L7D9QG9R – NEN7 – RP5L
  • 9G3F – E3N3 – K4M3
  • H84B – C3NL – XK8T
  • GBX2 – ELNK – R5KE
  • 9M84 – LJNP – X8CA
  • 7BDM – 9QNC – 9T9A
  • TFA8 – L9N6 – D2KE
  • 2RTC – NAN8 – LCBH
  • HFJD – JBN2 – B4L5
  • JK84 – 47N5 – CM4R
  • J7PT – FEBR – 2NME
  • 66GK – XTNT – CQAC
  • J7PT – JANR – 4NME
  • 7KPC – PPNT – 8GB2
  • HFJD – JBN2 – B4L5
  • KLBE – 6JNR – BFJT
  • JK84 – 47N5 – CM4R
  • 98AK – RDNQ – 785C
  • 3Q7D – DDNX – 2D9F
  • J7PT – JANR – 4NME
  • NF3D – LHNX – HQRC
  • QQ5H – T8NK – J59M
  • 67NT – 6JNJ – DADE
  • QQ5H – T8NK – J59M
  • ANRQ – 2NNM – NDLP
  • J7PT – JANR – 4NME
  • 67NT – 6JNJ – DADE
  • QQ5H – T8NK – J59M
  • 7D9A – LDNA – GF6D
  • 38ED – KMNA – L72D
  • EG89 – GTNA – L3ER
  • PDJR – T6NH – B49Q
  • AR5T – JQN5 – DLB8
  • 478N – NQNL – 2A5X
  • FB5T – KDN2 – BHAF

Best Websites to Earn Free PSN Codes

Whether you are a professional online player or a newbie, you will like to get free games and accessories from the PlayStation store. However, any game or in-game items from PSN is a daunting task. Luckily, you may get a few PSN codes or voucher codes for free from many of the reliable websites over the internet. Here, you will know a few of the websites offering free PSN codes online.


Swagbucks is a popular and recommendable Get Paid To or GPT site today. The reason is that it offers tons of earning opportunities by performing daily activities based on your choice. As it is a GPT site, you may make money in many ways. You may answer surveys, play diverse games, register to different sites, answer quizzes, and get multiple means to win rewards. The best thing is that the Swagbucks website is user-friendly so you may get many chances to earn rewards. Swagbucks also has a low threshold of payout equal to $10.

Hence, you may start withdrawing your winnings or earnings in a short period. Besides, if you join the site via an invitation link, you will receive a joining bonus of $5 in your account after you earn $25.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is also a leading survey site that rewards you when you answer surveys. The website has a threshold payout of only $5 but gives a pool of reward options, such as Amazon gift cards and PayPal withdrawals. The website is easily usable and gives enough surveys to answer regularly.

Feature Points

Feature Points is another GPT website that gives a decent opportunity to earn money daily. The threshold of Feature Points is only $10 so that you may redeem your rewards in no time. Another best thing about the site is that it has a separate mobile app so that users may download and earn rewards even when they are away from the PC. In simple words, you may earn rewards anywhere and anytime you want.

Free Cash

Free Cash is the highest-paying type of GPT website and it lets you approach the payout threshold quickly to obtain a PlayStation gift card. A great thing about Free Cash it gives PlayStation gift cards as lucrative rewards for many countries across the world. You may especially redeem PlayStation gift cards for Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Poland. Furthermore, if you participate in the Free Cash GPT website via an invitation link, you may receive a joining bonus of 100 points directly in your account.


InboxDollars is an American-based Get Paid To site. As the name itself, the website is exclusive to American residents based on its pool of earning opportunities available to users almost daily. Even though InboxDollars has a relatively high threshold of $30, it lets you earn regular rewards. As InboxDollars is a Get To Paid site, you may make money by completing offers, answering surveys, reading emails, playing games, surfing online, and watching a few interesting videos. You may even get the option to withdraw rewards and/or earnings with the help of PayPal or convert them into plenty of gift cards. The best thing is that you get a $5 bonus once you complete your registration.


Rewards1 is also an excellent website to join for PlayStation gamers. The site gives you plenty of benefits based on certain aspects as discussed here. In particular, Rewards1 allows PlayStation gamers to win game codes and regular rewards on GPT sites. It not only has video games but also has a relatively low threshold of only $5. Besides, Rewards1 lets you redeem your earnings and gift cards in less time.


InstaGC is a preferable site to win gift cards. You may earn rewards by answering surveys, visiting websites, downloading programs, and apps, watching videos, and many more. However, you will receive many more reward options than gift cards. You may withdraw your rewards and earnings via Skrill and PayPal. InstaGC also allows you to withdraw rewards quickly, as you need to win only $10 to start redeeming your gift cards by PlayStation. You may join this website regardless of your location. However, the threshold depends solely on your native country.

How to Get Free PSN Codes 2024

The PlayStation provides these gift card codes for individuals by completing certain tasks. Once the individual fulfils these tasks, the PlayStation provides them PSN code for free. Therefore, certain criteria or the challenges that individual needs to follow or complete in order to attend these free PSN codes are as follows:

  • It is required for the individual to purchase certain online games so as to earn credit, which will make them eligible to get the free PSN code.
  • Some of the challenges that are set by the PlayStation include streaming the games as well as playing them for asserting in the period of duration. Streaming of the games also includes YouTube streaming of the video games, which will help the PlayStation to provide free PSN codes to their user.
  • There are several in-game challenges that depend upon the game to game and how the individual can complete them and earn the PSN codes. Once these quests are challenges are completed, Sony itself rewards the individual with the PSN codes.
  • There are certain. Vouchers also help in getting the free PSN codes. These vouchers basically consist of a 12-digit code that can help in attaining the PlayStation Network course or the virtual balance.

Apart from this, there are certain PSN codes available online that can be bought or purchased by individuals according to their given prices. Individuals can also purchase the place station in the network. Words according to their convenience if they are ready to pay for it.

PlayStation Redeem CodeRedeem Now
More Redeem

PlayStation comes up where several quotes and reward free PlayStation gift cards have the individual do several in-game purchasing. These virtual currencies are provided through the PlayStation Network codes. The PSN course is available to individuals once they complete a certain task or the challenges provided by the PlayStation. Moreover, The PSN codes are also available for s purchasing where the individuals can pay a certain range of prices.

PlayStation is the best medium to enjoy almost every type of game you want to play. These include action-packed games, sports games, role-playing games, first-person shooting games, and strategy games. Besides games, PSN cards and codes also let you to add downloadable content, TV shows, full-length movies, avatars, subscriptions, and background themes related to your PC console. Therefore, regardless of your choice, you may get many PSN codes from reliable online sites for PlayStation.

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Free PSN Codes Generator?

Sony regularly organizes promotions, rewards, and giveaways to offer gift cards and PSN codes. You may easily get such promotions on the PlayStation Blog and social media pages. You may even get promo codes via email newsletters.

The PSN Code Generator is a legit medium to obtain PSN codes and voucher codes for free. You may get many free codes for your player’s account to purchase online multiplayer console games. Alternatively, you may use free codes to perform various activities of your choice.

Vouchers or PSN codes remain valid for only one-time usage. Moreover, neither a code generator nor any game authority will replace the code, if stolen, lost, damaged after buying it, or used by anyone else without your permission.

FAQs: Queries on Free PlayStation Codes 2024

What do you mean by PSN codes?

The PSN code stands for the PlayStation Network code, designed by the PlayStation as a virtual currency so that individuals or gamers can purchase games, several characters or any other rewards.

What are the benefits of PSN codes?

The PSN Codes Act as a virtual currency that individuals or gamers can use to buy certain games, characters inside the games, several add-ons for their games, etc.

How to redeem the Free PSN codes?

The PSN codes can be retained easily through the PlayStation Store by using the drop-down menu.

How to get free PSN codes?

The PlayStation requires a certain challenge to be completed for the individual so that they can provide a free PSN code to the individual.

Can PSN codes be purchased?

Yes, the PSN codes are also available for purchase, where an individual has to pay a certain amount per the price tag of that particular PSN code.