All Among Us Character & Roles List (March 2024)

For a long time, Among Us has remained popular among game lovers worldwide. Game developers are consistently finding innovative ways to play it. However, many players are eager to know the famous Among Us roles and Among Us Characters, which bounce around our device screens. In this blog post, we have shared each of the characters and roles of Among Us.

Among Us Characters

The Among Us characters are a few short beings like humanoids. They stay stationed in diverse areas throughout the entire space. Players need to control the humanoids while completing their tasks to manage the space area. At the same time, players should save the characters and accomplish their tasks by protecting them from an Imposter.

Among Us Roles

Numbers and Colors of Characters in Among Us

You will get 18 Among Us Characters. Here, each character possesses a different look. Besides, each character represents a separate color. These include Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, White, Brown, Purple, Lime, Cyan, Maroon, Banana, Rose, Gray, Tan, Yellow, and Coral. Moreover, the colors come in three different categories, which include:

  • Original colors are Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black, Brown, White, and Purple.
  • The most popular color is Red, while the less popular one is Tan.
  • The least SUS colors are Pink and Orange, while the most SUS colors are Lime, Cyan, and Red.

Each color or among us character seems to be a doodle.

Roles in Among Us

Game developers may assign you seven types of roles in Among Us. A few of the characters will have an interest in technology, while others often lean to the dark side. The roles of each of the characters include the following:

The Imposter

Among Us The Imposter

Abilities of the Imposter are Vent, Kill, Sabotage, Use, Admin, Report, Door log, Security, and Vitals

One of the players in every game becomes The Imposter and it is an interesting role in Among Us game. Imposter has the single goal i.e., to stop the co-players at any cost and to create chaos. If you are an Imposter, you should sneak up on your Crewmates to murder them. However, make sure that other players report your evil activities. If the majority of players vote you out, your game will be over.


Among Us Engineer

Abilities of the Engineer are Use, Vent/Live, Report, Security, Admin, Vitals, and Door log

The role of Engineer will provide a quirky ability to you. Accordingly, you may hop into different vents to escape from specific situations. Use the respective ability wisely to overcome a few intense situations. At the same time, you should avoid overusing the venting ability, as the cooldown time remains absent.


Among Us Crewmate

Abilities of the Crewmate are Use, Admin, Report, Vitals, Door log, and Security

Among Us Character Crewmate is a vital member of the entire game squad, as it deduces the Imposter in the crew. If a Crewmate finds evidence, the character should immediately organize a meeting before the other culprit catches it.


Among Us Ghost

The abilities of the Ghost are Door log, Admin, Vitals, and Security.

Even though Ghost has an unfortunate role in Among Us Characters, it gives you certain benefits. If the game’s Imposter kills you or other players voted you out, you will convert into a Ghost or a wandering spirit. However, the positive aspect of the Ghost character is that it may help the crew members by performing certain tasks. Alternatively, you may sit and relax to watch other members. Ghost may also chat with other currently deceased characters but does not get voting rights.


Among Us Shapeshifter

The Abilities of the Shapeshifter are Sabotage, Kill, Unshift, Shift, and Vent.

Game developers of Among Us have included the role of Shapeshifter before this year. The Shapeshifter is a special type of Imposter who can change into a colored Crewmate of his choice. The role thus helps to fatigue other players mentally.

Guardian Angel

Among Us Guardian Angel

The abilities of the Guardian Angel are Use, Protect, Admin, Security, Door log, and Vitals.

Among Us Character Guardian Angel forms whenever the Imposter snaps the first player in the Among Us game. When you get the role of Guardian Angel, you may offer a shield buff to a Crewmate of your choice. The ability will protect your Crewmates from Imposters available on your prowl.


Among Us Scientist

The abilities of the Scientist are Door log, Admin, Vitals, and Security.

The Scientist is an intriguing Among Us Character. When a person gets the role of a Scientist, he may check the vitals of every fellow Crewmate. The character may also help other players to identify Shapeshifters or the dead characters to find the Imposter immediately.

FAQs: Most Asked Questions

Can I watch Among Us for free on my device?

Yes, Among Us is available on almost every device of your choice.

What does SUS indicate in the Among Us game?

The word SUS does not contain a specific meaning. Instead, it is the abbreviation for suspicious in the Among Us game.

Is it OK to play Among Us?

Yes, the Among Us game is free from explicit or adult content. Hence, it is OK and safe to play.